1. I’m not sure how a room with a very visible door, which doesn’t lock from the inside, would be much use against intruders. For tornadoes, you have basements. And I don’t think they have earthquakes down south.

  2. You’re right about earthquakes, Bill, although the age of fracking has changed that somewhat. I think Arlo meant it was a safe bet that the closet would have room to store something.

  3. It is about tornadoes. CIDU Bill, in the South we often do NOT have basements. So a closet below the stairs is often THE safest place in the house.

  4. Take a look at some of the things in that closet. I don’t think he’s upset that Janis put things there. He’s upset that *both of them* have not only filled it to where it’s not usable as a safe place, but is so full nothing more can be put into it.

  5. They have earthquakes in the South, even without fracking.There’s a seismic zone in eastern Tennessee that runs into Alabama. And while it’s been over 200 years since the last time, if the New Madrid fault ever really cuts loose they’ll feel it almost everywhere east of the Rockies.

  6. Now see, my first thought was that when you have something important, you put it in a safe place so you don’t lose it/forget where it is. Theirs is now so full that it would take as long to find a particular important thing stored in it as it would have been if they’d put it in a more forgettable place.

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