1. It says “Not a CIDU”, and “LOL”, but for me it was the exact opposite. I couldn’t figure out why a digitally manipulated version of the Abbey Road cover was supposed to be funny, until I noticed “corona virus” in the tags. Ok, so they are just “socially distancing”, and not still bickering over money, or oddball girlfriends, or who is dead, and who is still alive.

  2. I got that one immediately and found it quite humorous.

    Locally the city/county governments (things are geopolitically complicated in STL) just issued “stay home” orders to take effect Monday. Only essential business can be open.

  3. Took me a bit to get it and then a LOL for sure. “Move apart, right now/ 6 feet, please”

    In other locking down news, I received an e-mail from McDonalds (I have the online ordering app) saying that they are closing all store dining rooms. Eat in had already been stopped, but now they’re closing to take-out as well. Drive-through is open, as is there deliver service.

  4. I appreciate the work that went into “A Sunday Afternoon Of Self-Isolation…” as I have trouble seamlessly cloning out unwanted stuff in my photos. A full image such as that one would drive me batty….

  5. @Grawlix – though a painting (even a pointillist one) is probably easier than a photo. Edges are more easily defined. I didn’t say _easy_, I said easi_er_.

  6. I want to see a social distancing version of “The Raft of the Medusa,” with each of the starving mariners floating in an inner tube six feet away from each other.

  7. I have discovered that my latest version of MS Paint has “Magic Select” that does pretty good edge-detection.

  8. The sad thing about the sunday in the park is how not true it is. The parks were all far too crowded this weekend. People are grasping at the “Exercise counts as essential activity” as permission.

  9. In my teddy village all the grandparent and very young bears have sent home (okay – put in boxes or shelves in the spare bedroom) and the other bears are all 3 inches apart (figure it is the same for their average size as 6 ft for people) except the accountant who has a couple at his desk having their taxes done – this last I allowed as I found on one list of essential services allowed is accounting – I never knew I was essential. 🙂 The bear nurses and bear doctors are going around the village telling bears to go home – and stay apart.

  10. I did a drive-around today. There are definitely a lot more people out walking about. One stupid woman was in the middle of the street, presumably to maintain “social distance” from her companion. Hint, idiot, you can be six feet ahead or behind, or move to the other side of the street when a rusty Bronco is coming along.

  11. Brian, yesterday there were two people taking up pretty much the entire width of a two-way street. They looked offended when I gave a short toot of my horn.

  12. Problem here is people either do not understand the concept or don’t care.

    In the supermarket last Thursday people would come with inches of us. Fellow on the checkout line behind us starting sending his boxes of beer down the belt before I had a chance to finish our stuff in bags.

    When we took a walk up the road a week or so ago, a group of people walking at us on the sidewalk kept coming we went up the side street before they crossed over to where we were, went up the side street and then back to our street again.

    Continuing on the walk – on the way back a family came out and stood on the sidewalk at the foot of their driveway – we crossed to the other side of the street to stay away from them. We then walked past our house before crossing back as our next door neighbor, whose house we would have passed coming home, had come outside to talk on his cell phone and smoke as does he constantly – we passed the house on the other side of of the street so we would return home from the other direction ( he and his wife have constant visitors – Late Sunday night when we went out to and returned from the post office their visitors had parked cars blocking their driveway and in front of our house and the house on the other side of them – no idea of social distancing.)

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