1. Oh sure, I didn’t mean to be looking at it in terms of proper or improper . And of course I agree with your “graphing view” that it’s downhill after a peak. (Which as afterthought I might have called the “topographic view”!)

    But I do see some novelty in getting the “downhill” sense without making the “PAST the peak” explicit. You can say “we have peak Twitter” to mean it’s in decline, not having to say “we have gone thru peak Twitter” to get that meaning… as I think would have been needed a decade ago.

  2. CIDU Bill, I’m glad to here he can make money doing that. USA has a lot of magazines, so maybe still possible. It was much smaller in Singapore. And when I moved to Canada, I spent some time looking for work in magazines, before determining there was no future there. I came to that conclusion when I came across a job posting for The Walrus, a very good, award-winning magazine. At The Walrus I’m sure they talk about themselves being similar to The Atlantic or maybe Harper’s. https://thewalrus.ca/

    Anyway, the job posting was for an assistant editor and they posted the salary they were offering as $30,000 (Canadian dollars) per year. This was in 2009. This was much less than I had been making as a staff writer (lower position) at a magazine in Singapore a number of years earlier. It was also less than I was making working as a phone monkey for a Canadian bank. And not nearly enough money to live on in Toronto.

  3. All I can think of is: “My wedding day was the happiest day of my life. It was all downhill from that.”

  4. I wonder if Zach follows us here:

    If you go to his site, you’ll also get the hovertext and after comic.

  5. Back when I read it, I thought it looked like The Atlantic but read more like Harper’s. When I found out they were paying poverty wages, I lost a lot of interest in the mag. Frankly, when I had to give up the dream of making a living working at a magazine again, I found it a bit heartbreaking to read any magazine.

    It was a very good magazine, but I doubt the years have been good to it (or any other magazine).

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