1. Brady Bunch is pop culture. Everyone knows of it even if no-one under 40 has ever seen it.

    In fact I think must under 40s assume Cousin Oliver was far more prominent than he was.

  2. There was also a Brady Bunch movie in 1995. Several people under 40 may have seen it. Not many more than several though, I’m guessing. I don’t think it was a classic.

  3. A funny PMP! Hallelujah!

    And how old is that Targeted Comics strip? The Rams haven’t been in St Louis since 2015.

  4. I suspect Jan may be most people’s favorite. It’s just these recent Internet memes “That’s so (Marcia/Cindy)” and “Marcia, marcia, marcia” play on the perceived memories rather than the actual memories so it’s easy to Internet Meme her into the slot of the mundanely targeted.

    The least popular Brady, seems to me, must be Peter. (by popular I mean least like; not most hated. Being hated is a form of popularity.)

  5. No clue, Mark: it was recently (re) published, and repeats rarely indicate their original publication dates.

  6. THE BRADY BUNCH is one of many, many TV shows, movies, and other pop culture things about whom I can understand jokes only because I’d been exposted to the basic premises in some old MAD magazine parody or the like. I’m pretty sure this uber-geezer never actually watched an episode (just as I’ve never seen an episode of, say, GILLIGAN’S ISLAND or THREE’S COMPANY or SEINFELD). Thank goodness for the old MAD.

  7. I saw an episode of Seinfeld. My wife saw two because she couldn’t believe that something so many people raved about was so bad.

  8. “I saw an episode of Seinfeld. My wife saw two because she couldn’t believe that something so many people raved about was so bad.”

    Stranger Things?



    (The thing I *didn’t* anticipate about being an old codger mumbling about how terrible all the new stuff is, would be that the codger would be objectively correct. “Seriously, are you telling me you *haven’t* seen this all before and *haven’t* thought of *all* these sefl-referencing combiniatorics *all* on you own?”)

  9. There was a Brady TV show this year – oops, in the second half of 2019. It involved the now adult children coming the actual house that was the outside of the show house and working with a crew to make the inside look like it did on the show. Husband liked it.

  10. Real oops – I guess I should have said that it involved the actors who played the children, did not mean that the children’s characters were grown and came – it was the actors as themselves.

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