1. I read a piece written by a member of a Canadian band that had some following. They had no shortage of people asking them to play, including appearances on national TV morning shows. He said nobody wanted to pay, they all said it was “great exposure.” He quipped that one can die of exposure.

    I can relate to most of these, having experienced them all at one time or another except for the insurance one. What kind of backward country links health coverage with one’s type of employment? (entirely rhetorical)

  2. tsk, tsk — nowhere does it say the premiums are necessarily for health insurance — it might be for a perfectly reasonable workplace thing that still costs too much when you are making nothing. You are the insurance professional, you tell me what it might be: font liability insurance; paper cut indemnity; double deadline disability; term paper life; term life paper?

  3. Thankfully, I am no longer in insurance.

    Could be infinitive splitting coverage or preposition postpositioning indemnification. Or maybe a coffee flood rider.

  4. Hey, it’s Gemma! Kilby, where are you reading her?
    Oh, the Nib. I thought I subscribed after their meltdown, but maybe I m just confused between the site and the newsletter.

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