1. And, comed to think of it, where are the closets? Or wardrobes? Are the residents expected to keep all their clothes folded up in the dressers / chests-of-drawers we do see?

  2. >And, comed to think of it, where are the closets?

    There aren’t any.

    > Or wardrobes?

    There aren’t any.

    >Are the residents expected to keep all their clothes folded up in the dressers / chests-of-drawers we do see?

    Yes. They are.

  3. Mitch4, do you think that rectangle behind the left dresser could be a closet? If so, it looks like the closet would jut out into the hallway.

    I could just be overthinking this.

  4. This doesn’t impress me: my son’s first dorm room was smaller than this one, and the school needed to shove a third person in with them,

  5. Couldn’t she move to an _un_shared room, that was smaller than her plush premium one, to save money? Of course, that would prevent all the jokes about who’s going to share a room with her…

  6. This one daily strip really can’t stand alone for consideration. There is a long backstory and Tiffany is currently discovering her life of privilege is being threatened, mostly by her new stepmom Ann Eiffel. The juxtaposition of her plush premium dorm room to this shared room, and her reaction, is part of the shtick. She is hanging on to what is left of her slowly eroding elitism that was fueled until recently by her dad’s wealth that her stepmom is now exerting control of. It will be interesting to see if story line has her accepting her new norm or going to battle with Ann Eiffel.

  7. It’s entirely possible to put a bed in a closet, if your closet is huge. The suggestion is that Tiff’s closet is huge… or at least, it used to be.

  8. I once had a Murphy bed which, after being flipped to vertical, could sort of swivel on a track and be pushed into a compartment.

  9. Yeah, this is largely Tiffany overreacting after coming from a rather pampered situation Think Eva Gabor in Green Acres or something. “My closet is bigger than this” is fairly common hyperbole, though maybe not in her case. I think my dorm room was a little bigger than what’s shown here. We both had 2-door wardrobes and none of the furniture touched. Of course, we were in former BOQ, which might have helped a little.

  10. Unca Scrooge, hmmmm…you have me thinking, now I’m not sure. Maybe Tom and Ann have not married yet. They are definitely more than casual dating and Ann is sure acting like a wicked stepmom. All the more to rile up Tiffany if Ann is just dating/engaged to him and moving in on the family wealth.

  11. We have small closets. I read various articles on organizing, more to get me going than for the suggestions. A well known, long time ladies magazine (I forget which one) had an article on how to get more space out of one’s closet. Our closets are about 3 ft across (with 20 inch door) and maybe 2 ft deep at most – they also are different heights on one side of the closet than the other as 2 of them (mine and one in the opposite bedroom/office) have the ceiling of the staircase rising through the floor of the closet and the other 4 (Robert’s opposite bedroom/office, spare bedroom/teddys room and hall closets) have the roof line eaves angling down into the ceiling of the closets. The closet shown and discussed in the article was about the size size of our master bedroom – but taller.

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