1. They are closeted gays and dating each other as a pretense to please their families. They both have a partner on the side that they love and she is saying they should just admit this, come out of the closet and get married to those partners.

    Otherwise, it doesn’t seem to make sense.

  2. I’m beginning to think the theme of Pardon My Planet is modernity is just too self-aware and cynical to actually do things and live life with the expectation of actually *succeeding*. It simply can’t even occur to this miserable millenial to date and be *satisfied* in the relationship. I mean, what is this, *sarcasm* some sort of world that isn’t futile? Yeah… right.

  3. It seems as though some of the comics writers go with this definition: humor consists of setting up expectations and then contradicting them. That may be part of humor, but it falls flat if the contradiction makes no sense. It’s like saying this is funny: I was really lucky; I was walking along on the sidewalk and I only broke one leg.

  4. Yea, I’m sort of following along with woozy’s train of thought. It may be a cynical comment on marriage, as in you can’t be married to someone you’re in love with as evidenced by people who are always looking for an escape (very high rates of divorce/infidelity these days). Perhaps she’s saying something like, “Look, we’re in love, so there’s no way we could get married. That just would’t work.”

  5. Marrying someone just because you love them is a modern invention. In ye olden times, you married whoever daddy negotiated for you to marry, and then (hopefully) you grew to love them.

  6. It is so simple: Earl is in love with her – she is in love with somebody else who doesn’t love her. Time to start all over again and find new partners.

  7. I get the idea of setting an expectation in a joke and then contradicting it. And I have no problem with the common theme of how marriage ruins a relationship. But note that she is still suggesting marriage – just not to each other – so that joke doesn’t really hold water. If she had said “It’s time we split up”, that would have at least gone along with the “marriage is bad” theme.

    Or another radical thought. Just don’t get married!

  8. I think Calvin’s TV show is on to something. Maybe Earl is being let down gently – she and he are in love, but for her it’s not Earl!

  9. I find ‘Pardon my Planet’ depressing, both in the drawings and whatever the characters say. I don’t THINK it’s meant to be a [funny] comic, per se, and I also think it appears as a CIDU way too often. Just IMHO.

  10. FWbean’s characters have physical issues that make them miserable, whereas PMPlanet is psychologically miserable, and not just the characters; its overall feeling.

  11. I had the same reaction as Jens – ‘You’re in love with me, I’m in love with somebody else’. Still not funny, IMO.

  12. I was reminded of the words of a Country song: “I waited all night to meet someone like you, but now you will have to do.”

  13. @stan… I guess I’m thinking of it more as. If things are going badly that’s comfortable and to be expected but if something is going well then obviously we aren’t taking acknowledging the problem seriously enough and that’s the worst possible offense people in this generation can do. And if you were to suggest that maybe there *isn’t* a problem or if there is it is slight and that maybe things might actually be *okay*, that is just *proof* that you are truly a flawed and vindictive human being.

  14. Maybe it’s an attempt at Emo Philips’ humor:

    “My girlfriend and I had sex in a parked car, because somebody left it unlocked.”

    “I got in trouble just because I didn’t open the car door for her. Instead I just swam to the surface.”

    “I caught my wife in bed with another man and I was crushed. I said ‘Get off me, you two!'”

  15. I took it as even more cynical and depressing than “marrying someone you’re in love with would be bad”; rather, that being in love is bad and the cure to being in love is to get married. “We’re in love [with each other] and therefore we should marry other people to make that go away.” But also subsuming the earlier sentiment since otherwise marrying each other might be a solution.

  16. @ woozy – Yea, I understood what you were getting at. I just meant I was skipping down the cynical path as you were, but I was just looking at different trees.

    Jens and Chak – ‘You’re in love with me, I’m in love with somebody else’. I see what your saying, but why the line: ‘It’s time we found someone to marry.’ If that were the case, don’t they have someone to marry? The people that they love? Why are they looking?

  17. My first thought was an ancient Punch cartoon of a lumpish country couple on a walk:
    SHE: After all these years, shouldn’t we be getting married?
    HE: Aye, lass. But who would have either of us?

    I enjoyed PMP when it started and seemed to have actual characters, but early on it drifted into random gags. The lady seen in this sample, presumably the sought-after Icy Beauty, exists to reject dates or sit passively as they disqualify themselves. The golddigger with the tiara isn’t around as much these days, but was always getting engaged or married to a different toadish fossil. The somewhat gross old couple, the budding Lockhorns with a kid, the young unmarrieds who live together but don’t relate beyond speaking the day’s gag at each other … Can anybody name the characters? I don’t need another soap, but it would be nice if the characters were solid enough to support gags about modern relationships. Heck, in “Blondie” you know who everybody is and there’s comedy in how they interact.

    Insert kids off the lawn geezerism here.

  18. I’m often non-plussed by Punch humor, but that was pretty good. Obviously much better than the PMP comic.

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