1. “I kind of see where they’re going with this…”

    then… what’s the question?

    It’s kind a creepy.

    But, it’s one thing to be aware of and frustrated by social and sexual isolation by physical or sexual incompatibility, but it’s quite another to have a pervy creep take advantage of and feel entitled due to limited options.

  2. Audio-phone-jack-for-a-head should go to a different party, and quit hitting on all the younger, sexy phones. Maybe settle down with a nice Walkman or something.

  3. I think it’s just one object approaching obsolescence commiserating with another object approaching obsolescence.

  4. I don’t think “commiserating” is the right word for what the old phone has in mind.

    I’m guessing that newer phones use the USB for audio out, is that right? My iPad has both the new small USB port and the old audio jack. It’s probably 3-4 years old. I wouldn’t think you’d need to go all the way back to flip phones for compatibility.

  5. Those are all iPhones (note the Lightning tip, rather than USB-C or micro-USB), so no more earphone jacks at all. And no adapters (the “Nunchucks of Shame”) looking to facilitate a three-way.

  6. I have had a flip phone that used a power jack like that – though it had a little hole at the end, this does look more like an audio cable.

    But I suspect the joke is the cougar – old phone looking for a connection…

  7. Old guy looking to get busy with a young lady. Unfortunately, they are in no way compatible with him. So he has to go back to a more age appropriate partner.

  8. My flip phone doesn’t even have an audio jack. But plenty of modern phones still do; it’s mostly just iPhones and iPads that have gone strictly to Lightning.

  9. To be precise, it is only recent Apple hardware that is affected. All of the iPhones and iPads in our household still have an audio jack. As far as I’m concerned, this would be a significant argument against upgrading to newer models.

  10. “Depends on what answer you give for a four letter word ending in “k” that means “intercourse””

    Talk. What other answer is there?

  11. Okay – we just opened a Square account for Robert to be able to sell scarves last weekend at an event (after Paypal Here became a lost cause to the point that we can no longer use our Paypal account). There are two different plug in your phone devices for sliding credit cards from Square – one fits the I Phone – which is the majority of the wires in the strip, the other fits Android – which is the lone one that is sad.

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