1. Nothing, with the possible exception of whatever the cartoonist was smoking when he drew this panel.

  2. “Carbon footprint” defined as something that will eventually kill everything on the planet, of which he’s already killed (counts) three animals and several flowers/plants.

  3. “carbon footprint” is a current expression. A footprint is an actual thing. Paul Bunyon is big.

    That’s all there is to it. Some assembly required.

  4. As I once heard on TV, if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, wear smaller carbon shoes.

  5. The animal on the left looks more like a chipmunk to me, but even if it were a squirrel, it’s not the squirrel that really needs to be flattened.

  6. Thinking “moose” or buck, not cow. If it were a squished cow, it might explain why Babe was blue. Don’t feel bad, Chak – I thought it was a cow at first too.

    I walked around the college campus recently; surprised when many young people expressed their desire to date me. Regretfully, carbon was involved there as well.

  7. Brian, I like your thinking, but whatever that thing is, it’s not a *flying* squirrel.

    Well not anymore.

  8. @ Chak (or Catlover) – I’ve read that comment multiple times, and even knowing that there is a groaner in there, I still don’t see it. Please enlighten me.

  9. Kilby — “I’d like to date you!” == go out and have a good time. “I’d like to carbon-date you!” == Scientifically figure out how ancient you must be.

  10. @ Mitch4 – Thanks. I knew it was going to be an obvious groaner, but now I’m glad that I wasn’t eating anything when I read the solution.
    P.S. I tried to come up with a gag about a “carboniferous footprint” (involving a gigantic flattened dragonfly), but could not think of a culprit that was neither nerdly nor anachronistic.

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