1. Some years ago I saw a report from a music festival where the attendees had used a large number of porta-potties to build a “toilet-henge”. The photo made me wonder whether they had bothered to empty the ones they elevated to form the horizontal lintels.

  2. This is my experience with cats: some years back, my son volunteered to catsit for a friend while she and her family were on a trip. Totally forgetting that he was going to be away that week himself. So I ended up feeding,cleaning up after, and medicating three cats for a family I didn’t even know.

    Hence my near-legendary ignorance of all things feline.

  3. I have owned cats for a number of years now, but my only experience cat sitting was way back for a neighbor. After a few days of not seeing a cat anywhere in sight and the food being untouched, I thought I better check on it. I found it under a bed and it promptly ran out the door to the outside that I had forgotten was open. I felt really bad but they didn’t seem all that concerned. Must have been a semi-outside cat.

  4. Mark M, that was one of my fears: misplacing one of the cats. especially since I’m not sure the family even knew I’d inherited the catsitter job (would’ve been swell if they came home early and found a strange person in their house).

    Also, of course, I wasn’t sure how much leeway I had with giving the cat its medicine.

  5. Have you ever made litterbox cookies? They were a thing maybe 20 years ago. The dough was thick so they held their shape while being baked, and you could make chocolate or ginger or some of each. Properly served in a plastic tray filled with Grape-Nuts.

  6. I once sat a cat…who disappeared the second day. I finally found her under a bed, and went to pull her out from amid the socks and dustbunnies – one of which began to mew at me. They hadn’t mentioned that she was about to have kittens…

    Fortunately she was perfectly able to take care of her kittens for the next couple days until her people came home. I certainly had no idea what to do.

  7. “I certainly had no idea what to do.”

    Mama kitty does. The only time you need to intercede is when she’s chosen a “safe place” for her kittens that isn’t actually safe, which is pretty rare.

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