1. I didn’t get the first one (Andertoons) at all, but a little research revealed that it’s probably a reference to “West Side Story“. It might have worked better if he were lying on the shrink’s couch.

  2. I didn’t think everybody would get it: but somebody sent it to me just as I was setting up today’s page, and it made me laugh, so that earned it a spot.

  3. I didn’t think to send it in, but was tickled when I saw it. And in fact posted it to other social media, curious if others are looking forward to the new movie of West Side Story due in. 2019. Screenplay by Tony Kushner, directed by Spielberg. Conceived more as a new adaptation of the 1956(?) stage musical than a remake of the 1961(?) Oscar winning movie.

  4. Also speculation that, like the 2009(?) Broadway revival , much of the dialog and lyrics for the Sharks should be in Spanish. Lyrics were by Lin-Manuel Miranda! From published clips, I think that worked really well in the Tonight Quintet.

  5. I’ve picked up everything I know about West Side Story from cultural osmosis, but my brain immediately went to “When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way.”

  6. After ja’s top-notch disquisition on the history of musical theatre, I was left musing about the term “musical comedy” which used to be widely used but not so much lately, For me, WSS is a key moment in that, since the story was closely modeled on “Romeo and Juliet” and of course R&J is a tragedy, not a comedy, in any listing of Shakespeare’s works classified.

  7. . . . and Mr. Shakespeare took the story from an Italian tale, I believe. Juliet committed suicide by holding her breath . . . I don’t think that’s physically possible.

  8. @Zookeeper: And I in “small world department,” I co-authored a long fannish parody, which has been produced at a couple of sf cons (and which is full of injokes that few outside old-time sf fandom are likely to get, and even fewer to find funny). But if anyone is curious:

    Click to access mwss2.pdf

  9. It’s nice that the Winnipeg Jets NHL team was revived, so we could have “West Side Story” games again when they play the San Jose Sharks.

  10. Maybe I’m just having a grumpy day, but none of these was funny to me.

    I think I’ll go back to bed and try again later. :-p

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