1. I reached “oy” as soon as I read “parenthesis”, but when I saw “closure”, I advanced to “vey“.

  2. @ Mitch4 – Back when we had numbered comments, I discovered that WordPress converts eight+right parenthesis into a smiley with sunglasses, like this “8 )” = “8)”.

  3. I never got the point of replacing text emoticons automatically with graphics. The entire *point* of expressing 🙂 or 😦 was to show how clever we were to create gestalt like impressions. If we are simply expressing graphic there’s nothing clever about an *actual* smiling or frowning face.

    Maybe it was the capital B. As in B) . ANd sometimes you need a nose B-) The 8 is more big eyes.

  4. Argh… I really meant to *literallly* write those as text– not graphics “:)” and “:(“. Maybe if you leave out the quotations? “8)” = 8)

    Let’s see what happens.

  5. We really could use a preview button: 😎

    It is funny to remember Herb Caen writing about smileys back in 90 or 91. He thought they were really unusual and thought they had to be explained (which they did). I particularly liked the girl with a bow in her a hair 8:) and Snoopy (. ()

  6. @ woozy – Well, thanks for deducing the string that produced the glasses, but now I have no idea how I ended up typing that combination. All I can remember is that it happened 2 or 3 times, and it was not a typo. The rest of the evidence lies in the grave that GoDaddy built.

  7. Woozy: please explain “Snoopy” to me — are we going for just his head, or his entire body, and in profile or what?

  8. My recollection is getting the shades unintentionally when making a list —

    1) First thing
    2) And then […]
    7) Seventh heaven
    8) Seven ate nine
    9) Nine lives …

    The other problem I was alluding to above was trying to put a smiley at the end of an actual parenthetical remark, and expecting the “)” to do double duty. The question then (before auto conversion :-)) was whether human readers would parse it correctly.

  9. Ha! And neither of those happened!

    7-) seven
    😎 eight
    9-) nine

    The question then (before auto conversion 🙂 ) was whether human readers would parse it correctly.

  10. I become embarrassed when a smiley emoticon I’ve added gets turned into an emoji. And then worse, I don’t know what the emoji will look like at the receiver’s end. If you’ve never looked, it may be worth your time to find sites that show how different emojis look on different platforms and programs. I’m grateful that MS Outlook gives me control over that automatic switch.

  11. @ woozy – I still can’t parse it. If the period is not meant to be an eye, then what part of Snoopy’s anatomy is it?

  12. All emojis sent to me come thru as little square boxes; my email client (Thunderbird) doesn’t show them for some reason. No big loss, just something that happened when it ‘upgraded’ some time ago.

  13. >-=^) ;>

    You guys made me dig out my dusty copy of “Smileys”, compiled by David Sanderson (O’Reilly & Associates,1993).

    I can recall the day a friend sent me an email and I just couldn’t figure out what ” 😉 ” meant.
    Turn your head he said. Oh yeah now I get it…

    Good times. Jeez that seems like ages ago now.

    And no matter how hyped up the news anchors are about the latest emojis, I just can’t muster up any interest.

    Emoticons rule!


    Interesting articles:

  14. Kilby – his nose. It’s a 1/4 profile. The forward edge of one ear, nose, the entirety of the other ear.

    I interpreted it more as the rounded snout of his nose. then the button of his nose. THen a full ear.

    I might not be remembering it correctly. Maybe it went the other way

    … actually maybe you were supposed to turn you computer entirely upside down. (:.()

  15. @ Grawlix – The funniest thing about that “dailydot” article was that when I read it using Safari under iOS, the browser (or the website) automatically replaced the emoticons in the text with “emoji-style” smileys, totally undermining the intended meaning of the article. I don’t know whether there is an option to keep that from happening.
    P.S. @ Kamino Neko – Thanks for the explanation. I now see what was intended, but it still doesn’t seem convincing.

  16. “Thanks for the explanation. I now see what was intended, but it still doesn’t seem convincing.”

    I think I’m remembering it wrong. Herb Caen said it was one that you didn’t have to turn the screen sideways. I remember thinking it was cute at the time but when I tried to recall it I couldn’t get it right.

    Maybe it was supposed to be (.:() and He and I didn’t realize that doesn’t actually work because the eyes are sideways. BUt I think it was (:.() and you were suppose to turn it 180 degrees. But somehow we both transposed it so we thought we didn’t have to. The best I could could come up with where you didn’t have to turn the screen was (. () where you see the snout, button nose and ear and you let gestalt fill in the eyes and the top of the head.

    But (:.() upside down has the muzzle, button nose, eyes and ear.

  17. I first started seeing them in the mid-90s in a MUD game. It took a while to figure out what people were doing.

  18. Woozy – back in “the old days” early 1970s making pictures with the text was a big deal. I have a friend on another group who still has a cat made with text under signature.

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