1. Option 1) He successfully mind controlled her, and she’s saving face by saying it was her plan all along. (A variant on the common ‘but not because you told me to’ thing.)
    Option 2) He knew she planned to make filet mignon, and ‘mind controlled’ her to do it so he can feel like a successful mind-controller.

  2. Thank you, Andréa – that was exactly what I thought when I read the first panel, and I was disappointed that the rest of the strip wasn’t even as good as that venerable (ok, “stale”) gag.

  3. Yep, Andréa and Kilby have captured the most prominent association that comes to mind. I almost suspect it of being the cartoonist’s intentional primrose path to mislead us.

  4. I see it not so much as saving face as rationalization. She’s explaining (mostly to herself) to prove that she can’t be manipulated.

  5. Given what I know of their relationship, I can’t really imagine Mrs. Wizard intentionally making filet mignon for her husband’s dinner.

  6. @ MiB – Back when Parket & Hart were doing the writing, the Wizard’s relationship with Blanche was somewhat like Andy Capp & Flo, but since Mason took over, they’ve almost become a model couple.

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