1. I think the comedy is meant to be simply in how we see the guys’ protective reactions before we see the reason. All the crotch-clutching is the comic element.

    Although, there is something more going on, having to do with the dog’s owner. But I can’t quite put it together. She’s not abashed about it, indeed seems smirkingly satisfied. All the guys are regulars, I dont recall if one of these is her romantic partner. But she would enjoy discomfitting any or all of them.

  2. I had a dog who always jumped up on me as a greeting. It was really quick, and I didn’t really mind, so I never trained him out of it. Then I started dating a tall guy. The dog’s jump hit me in the abdomen, but it hit the new boyfriend right in the … wrong spot.

    It was a case of the dog or the boyfriend, so I made the intelligent choice, and kept the dog.

  3. Mitch: maybe it was meant to be a misdirect (and contending for an Arlo): panels 1 through 5, you see men grabbing their crotch; panel six you see the girl with the saucy expression walking past — is she the cause of all these guys having to suddenly grab their crotch?! nudge, nudge! And then the final panel is the reveal, no, it’s not that (get your mind out of the gutter!), it’s the dog (so I guess you can put your mind back in the gutter, only facing in a different direction…)

  4. Fourth panel is her husband. I believe the first panel is Seth, who’s gay, although Edda has had a bit of a crush on him due to his impressive physical attributes.

  5. The problem is that when I first looked at this, especially Amos (panel 4), I thought they all just had to pee really bad.

  6. We once had a beautiful and supremely STOOPID Borzoi we got from the Humane Society, They had his listed as available to a female home ONLY, because he had formed the habit of greeting people by slamming his hard, slender, lovely head FIRMLY up between the legs of the person he was happy to see….

  7. I live with a dog that wags his tail very vigorously. He’s whacked my balls hard with it more than once.

  8. I don’t understand what’s so threatening about a dog sniffing your crotch. Maybe he likes to bite crotches, but I’ve never seen a dog do that. BTW, I don’t see that the owner is saucy or satisfied, but rather just indifferent and apparently clueless. I think her panel is a just a misdirection before the “punchline”(?). Oh, the dog’s eyes are something.

  9. At my nephew’s bris (circumcision), at the “moment of truth,” my sister-in-law’s Italian father and brothers-in-law all instinctively made this gesture, simultaneously and as if choreographed.

  10. I think terrencefeenstra has identified the main thesis of ‘9 Chickweed Lane’.

  11. I’ve had a few dogs who nudge rather insistently that I figured that’s what was going on here (though never enough to cause severe pain that I’m aware of, although I am female so I can’t speak to the other point of view).

  12. Edda’s wide stride indicates a brusque pace with no indication of rapid repeated stops. That would point to a passing visual clue as the trigger. A recent snip snip?

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