1. The B.C. strip might have worked better if it had been drawn as a winter scene, so that the cold could be seen, rather than just inferred from the date. (I had assumed it was was from Wednesday, but no, it was late January, and not a Valentine’s day poem at all.)

  2. P.S. Reading “Cul de Sac” always gives me a sense of wistful regret (that there will never be any more new strips). It’s one of the (very) few comics that makes me glad that there are re-runs.

  3. Am I the only one who doesn’t get BC. Yes, she said something that rhymes and yes it was gross but that’s not enough to be funny is it? And it’s utterly inexplicable *why* she said it….

  4. @ woozy – CIDU simply has too many discerning and therefore demanding readers. Show that B.C. to any pre-teen, and you are likely to get a milk-snorting laugh, without any questions about the underlying logic. (For no other reason than that gross words like “snot” and “barf” are funny.)

    P.S. This is not a theory, I tested it on my son. Luckily, I do not let him drink milk in the vicinity of my computer.

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