Another Secret

B.A.: I was on the Victoria’s Secret site just now (long story, but the short version is I needed to know whether it was “Victoria’s Secret” or “Victoria’s Secrets”), and I noticed this:


What in God’s name is a “verbal fitting”? You hold up a bra and a clerk says “Yeah, I think that’ll fit you”?

OT: History on Film

B.A.: Movies about historical events, when they aren’t completely fanciful, tend to play fast-and-loose with facts, creating characters and scenes out of whole cloth. Sometimes the changes are cringe-worthy, as with Clint Eastwood’s horrifying libel of journalist Kathy Scruggs last year, or crediting Churchill’s resolve to stand up to Hitler to a chance encounter in the Underground with a ten-year-old girl (which I believe was discussed, for some reason, right here).

So my question is: Can anybody name an historical (or biographical) film that stuck completely to the facts, at least in every meaningful way?

[OT] Asking for a different kind of song recommendation

My sister-in-law, who lives on the other coast, has got it into her head that next time we’re all together, she and I have to sing karaoke together. Now keep in mind that I’m old — and will probably be considerably older by the time we see one another — and I haven’t sung in public since I was 12. Not even “Happy Birthday.” I’m not quite tone deaf enough to not know how bad I am.

Apparently she’s at least as bad.

I don’t know how drunk she expects both of us to be — which would be a feat in any case, since neither of us drinks.

But she’s fixated on this,  and wants me to pick the song, so what duet should I choose?