So it goes


Kilby sent this to me asking whether Tralfamadorian is mainstream enough to be used here (leading to my question of what a “Tralfamadorian year” is)

(By the way, this post was actually supposed to go live before B.A.‘s question — but that’s easier said than done when you’ve lost track of days of the week. Maybe we’re all on Tralfamadorian time now)

And that led to whether Calvin and Hobbes had any business using “Weltanschauung” some years back.

And likewise the Washington Post’s recent use of a long German word (redundant, I know), without italics, which apparently both he and I noticed at the time although neither of us remembers what the word was.


[OT] Fiat lux!

My wife needed a new desk lamp, so we ordered her one with “5 Color Temperatures with 7 Brightness Levels, USB Charging Port, and Memory Function”

Remember when you turned on a lamp and there was light? Now they come with an instruction manual. Seriously.