1. No, it’s true. The Mythbusters showed it, too.

    Recreating the effects of low-gravity on, say, walking around is nearly impossible on Earth, even with wires and rigging. Reproducing the shadows created by a point light (like the sun without an atmosphere to disperse the light) is impossible with stage lights. Faking the telemetry — which was being monitored by other countries around the world — would be most easily done by just sending a spaceship to the moon.

    Those are just a couple of examples.

  2. Yeah, I’ve only had one conversation with someone that leaned a bit that way. But I’m always interested in where they “draw the line” between the impossibility and the reality. Do they think nothing has ever gone into orbit, and the lights we see from the ground are fake? Were they fake in the 60s and we figured it out in the 70s? Was everything real except for the landings? Are DirecTV and Dish fake companies set up by the government to fool people that there’s really a space industry? So many questions…

  3. Not to mention even if they faked one moon landing, why fake five more – plus one near disaster,
    I personally saw Apollo XVII lift off. That was not a fake. The earth shook miles away.

    A moon landing denier got into Buzz Aldrin’s face, calling him a liar, and Buzz punched him out. Just what they all deserve.

  4. Also as I mentioned in the previous thread, if the space program is fake, you have to respect NASA for the verisimilitude to fake mistakes, like Apollo 13, and even really embarrassing mistakes, like the Mars Climate Observer. Now that’s attention to detail!

  5. CIDU Bill: OK, I can see Apollo 13. But the Mars Climate Observer immediately crashed upon reaching Mars because of a unit conversion issue!

  6. Then there are the laser reflectors that were placed on the Moon, which anyone can use with the right equipment. Now, that doesn’t prove conclusively that humans landed there, but it’s pretty good evidence that something landed there.

  7. The Moon landings were faked, and a conspiracy, whereas the Mars Climate Observer is a hoax, just an urban legend…

  8. The thing about consipiracists, regardless of flavour, is they are convinced they are smarter than everyone else, so they will “see through” any evidence you present to them. The one thing, though, that I think might get to them is a great point I’ve heard several time.

    The USSR was desperately trying to get a Soviet man on the moon. When the USA got there first, they pretended they hadn’t been interested in that anyway. So, since the Moon race was a d*&% measuring contest between the USSR and the USA, if the USA had faked it, the USSR, which was watching very closely (and spying too), would have blown the whistle. They certainly had nothing to gain by letting NASA and the USA get away with fake landings.

  9. The US did indeed land on the Moon, but the Moon Landing Was Faked Conspiracy – along with various other theories like Flat Earth and Lizard Elite – was in fact created by the US Government in order to divert the attention of suspicious conspiracy-minded people away from what is Really Going On. The key Moon Landing Conspiracy Theorists are in fact government-funded actors, authors and agents peddling known untruths in order to vacuum up (as it were) and identify those liable to distrust government narratives by feeding them juicy titbits. And it has worked, spectacularly, as no-one has actually discovered the Truth about what is Really Going On.

  10. True, Mark: it’s just more evidence of how pervasive the conspiracy is.

    I really don’t think there’s a way to convince people who are convinced a conspiracy exists.

  11. Digital computers cannot directly simulate continuous functions. They can only break them down into separate discrete steps. In a computer simulation you cannot move smoothly from 1 to 2 passing all points in between. The best you can do is choose a resolution and move in jumps from 1.00000 to 1.00001 to 1.00002 and so on to 1.99999 and then 2.00000.

    It has been found that energy cannot be transferred smoothly but only in discrete steps called “quanta”. Nothing moves smoothly; everything moves in tiny jumps.

    This is the best evidence we have so far that we are all a simulation inside a digital computer.

  12. Lately I’ve been finding online articles with the spelling “Nasa”, rather than all caps. Is this a new thing?

  13. @ Grawlix – Each paper make its own decisions, but I know that the Washington Post shifted from “Up Style” to “down style” capitalization in headlines because of the way that articles appear online, rather than just in newsprint. Perhaps some editors have decided that NASA in ALL CAPS looks too “shouty” online.

  14. I like the argument that since the space race was the biggest propaganda battle of the Cold War, the Russians would never have let us get away with declaring victory with a hoax. The KGB could, and definitely would have exposed the hoax and left the Americans with egg on our faces.

  15. Treu Believers would just point out that the Cold War was *also* faked, and that the Secret Masters of Russia and the U.S. were working together all along (probably in service to the Reptilians).

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