Another Secret

B.A.: I was on the Victoria’s Secret site just now (long story, but the short version is I needed to know whether it was “Victoria’s Secret” or “Victoria’s Secrets”), and I noticed this:


What in God’s name is a “verbal fitting”? You hold up a bra and a clerk says “Yeah, I think that’ll fit you”?


  1. From the same website: “Verbal Fit process – you’ll be paired with a Bra Fit Expert to ask questions about the current size you’re wearing to determine what size is the best fit for you.”

  2. One thing that has remained consistent with the “You Must Remember This” Podcast ( ) over the course of its weird changes of network and sponsorship and partnerships (and NO, I don’t really want all the behind-the-scenes blather) … is the short description Katrina gives at the top and bottom of each show, and has stuck on their website, and remains phrased in this weird syntactic tension all along:


    But sometimes I swear you can hear her say SECRETS because that’s what you want to hear her say, because then it would be conjoined nominals — the-secrets and the-forgotten-history — instead of awkward conjoined pre-nominal adjectives — the secret-and-forgotten history. And because what I just wrote seems to work because I just said and and avoided the poisonous and/or which seems to gum up much more than it illuminates.

  3. 1958, it seems to me if the bra expert wants to use your current bra to “determine what size is the best fit for you,” without any actual interaction or dressing room visits, it can go only two ways:

    “Is the bra you’re wearing comfortable?” “Yup” “Get the same one again.”


    “Is the bra you’re wearing comfortable?” “Nope” “Eh, you’re screwed.”

  4. I don’t know about that. An expert fitter could probably ask some specific questions about fitment problems that would allow suggestions for size adjustments.

  5. When stores were reopening in my city a month and a half ago (many of which have since closed again), I passed by to see that the line to get in to the local Victoria’s Secret was nearly as long as the one to get into the Apple store. I thought that was curious as none of the other stores in the shopping center had significant lines waiting to get in.


    If someone is podasting (is that a verb yet?) about it/them, it is/they are no long secret/forgotten, is it/are they?

  7. The Apple Store by my ex’s apartment is always crowded. On mornings I go to take my daughter to school, there’s always people lined up to go inside.

  8. Hand raised here, too.

    I once went shopping at a resale store with no fitting rooms (of course) with a friend who worked at Marshall Field’s. She could look at a blouse or dress for about half a second and say, no, that won’t fit, or no, that’s not your color. And when she found something she liked, it was perfect.

    So I guess I’m on board with verbal fitting.

  9. I’m visualizing “verbal fitting” as being done by a stereotypical military drill sarge: “On the beat — FIT ! All right, you slackers in the back row — droop and give me two!”

    (I would like to apologize to military drillfolk and to women everywhere, and probably to the rest of the human race as well, but that’s what my mind decided to come up with. BAAAD MIND!)

  10. At the medical center where I worked in the pharmacy for a while, there was a program called Multiple Risk Factors Intervention Trial. Their door, and other signage, called it MR FIT.

  11. In my much younger days when I could not find a bra which fit me I did consult the fitting expert who basically told that the size I needed did not exist (fat around, small in front) – it was Sears and their signs said that they carry bras to fit 80% ofs sizes. I still have this problem and when I wear out the bras I have (and then some) and give in to buy new ones I have to order them (and we don’t order anything we can buy locally as there is always a problem). I have to get measured to see if the size changed – Robert gets stuck doing this for me. I really need to buy new ones – I bought the ones I have in 2009 and they are more or less bras in name only.

    As a result of this problem I tend not to wear a bra when I do not have to so they will last as long as possible – I come home, take it off and leave it off until next time I go out. I have worn a bra once since the start of March – to go out and buy a new air conditioner for the bedroom as I felt it was not needed to drop vehicles off in the middle of the night for service or the two times we have run through the Walmart Neighborhood Market to buy food since mid March or even to clean up the debris of the 2 cars torn apart by a car accident that started in front of the house to our north and ended in front of the house to our south and left most of the debris on our and in front of our property.

  12. I can see a verbal fitting being useful for me. “I wear brand/style X (I’d have to look it up though), other ones I’ve tried in my size give odd gaping in the cups. I need a larger band to avoid back ache.” More useful for shape than size though, so you’d better hope that the sizes are true-to-size. (I avoid “properly fitted” bras, because I find that every time I get one I need to break out the bra-back extenders or else be in pain. And then they don’t fit properly. I don’t know what’s up with that, because when I double-check the measurements they’re right.)

  13. Christine,

    I used to have those problems too, until I just went with a sleep/sports type bra. Less support, but much more comfort.

    I wonder how many of the men reading are getting an education.

  14. Until some time in undergrad the only bras I would wear were sports bras. I still haven’t adjusted to the lack of support from fashion ones. But all the sports bras I can find these days are the pullover kind, so I haven’t gone back. If I could remember the name, I’d get that fancy plus-sized one (with the front opening), but I forgot it, and now that I’m looking for bras again (the youngest is finally weaned, whether he likes it or not!) I may have to go for something else.

  15. Andréa, that looks incredibly useful. You have convinced me to try ready-made again.

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