1. I’ve noticed it esp. in Barney & Clyde; one day they’re all wearing masks, the next, nada. Maybe comic artists need a continuity person, as in movies.

  2. I know you’re all waiting to hear this … in the corresponding “Baldo en Español”, the “SQUICH! SQUICH!” is shown as “¡SQUICH! ¡SQUICH!”

  3. Pronounced “SQUEECH! SQUEECH!” of course. (In a Mel Blanc Speedy Gonzalez voice.)

  4. At least stay consistant within the same day’s strip: if the Coronavirus is a major factor, as in this one, dress and act as if the Coronavirus exists. If you want tomorrow’s strip to be about Baldo and his girlfriend French kissing, I’ll accept the fact that it takes place in 2018 or 2022.

  5. I don’t see a problem with no masks in this situation. The guy is selling Coronavirus repellent. Logically, since he wants her to think his product really works, he isn’t wearing a mask. Tia Carmen knows that no such thing exists and chases the scam artist off with a spray can. Pepper spray? Disinfectant? Who knows? And she and Sergio are at home, where most people don’t wear masks. Not all that funny (more of just a smile for me) but I thought it was consistent.

  6. Well, if they’re french kissing in 2022, I would expect them both to have their government issued forehead tattoo barcodes clearly visible. Plus, of course, in 2022 it will be “freedom kissing”.

  7. Given how important facial expressions are to conveying emotions and behavior in static art like a comic strip, I can see why comic artists might avoid using face masks if they are not central to the gag. This gag is COVID-oriented, of course, though it is not mask-oriented. One might also consider that a salesman/conman selling a coronavirus repellant would appear to believe in his product a lot less if he were wearing a mask.

  8. Speaking of Covid jokes, has ‘Lio’ finally moved on from them, or have this site’s contributors moved on from ‘Lio’?

  9. DanV, I don’t know about you, but if I’m answering the door to someone I put my mask on first.

  10. The sales guy could have called the police and made an assault complaint. Just because you don’t like what someone is doing doesn’t make it okay (at least for private citizens) to spray noxious chemicals in their eyes. Now the fact that he was selling snake-oil might have made him reluctant to do so, but still.

  11. @ Brian – Liō’s “coronal” humor hasn’t been that funny, so most of them wouldn’t really qualify as an “LOL” submission. Since a number of the strips have already been discussed here, most of Tatulli’s standard approaches have been explained, reducing the probability of another “CIDU” appearance.

  12. I kind of liked Thursday Lio (more for the grumpy annoyance than the preachy moralizing) https://www.gocomics.com/lio/2020/07/09 and yesterdays was mildly amusing https://www.gocomics.com/lio/2020/07/10 (He was obviously trying to do a family friendly variation of the “proper way to wear your underwear joke).

    But, no…. neither are a LOL.

    The one for July 4 (https://www.gocomics.com/lio/2020/07/04) could be a CIDU but it’s really more of a CIDUBIDC (Comic I don’t understand but I don’t care).

  13. @ Andréa – The hat that Liō is waving in the July 4th strip is a nod to Strangelove, but it’s not intended to mean “destruction”, he’s simply offering an impressive event as compensation for all the firework shows that have been cancelled this year. The “joke” (such as it is) lies in classifying “fireworks” as “essential supplies”(*).
    P.S. (*) – This may have been intended as a reminder that we should be able to survive without them, despite repeated proof that there are lots of amateur pyrotechnicians who seem unable to do so, and feel the need to inflict their perverse addiction on everyone else in the neighborhood, night after night.

  14. @ w00zy – The June 29th strip relates to the difficulty that many parents have when trying to get a kid to sit still and smile for a photograph. Liō evades the photo-op by hiding behind a “proper” coronal response, and his father is (once again) left empty-handed. I’m sure that Calvin’s dad could empathize with the situation:

  15. Kilby;

    but how did he put the mask on so fast? And most kids do it because they think it is goofily funny. It doesn’t make sense (overstrains the joke) if the kid does it to make virtuous socially responsible message.

  16. Today we had our air conditioner replaced. We have had no ac in the bedroom – end of last summer it stopped working and we said we wait to spring to buy new so the warranty would run during the summer just in case – and of course this was not the summer… I have been fine, but Robert has been ill from the heat so last week we called the local appliance shop we tend to buy ac’s from to get a price, etc and hoped we might be able to pay by phone and avoid at least the trip into the small store. We did have to go in, but the salesman on the phone when Robert inquired about gloves and mask said that they are very careful and always use same as they have had a death among the employees (which sort had me worried about the other employees). We put on our masks and went in last Tuesday and bought the ac and it was delivered and installed today.

    Two employees came. The main installer had a mask sitting below his nose – Robert politely reminded him and he moved the mask over his nose (but all day must have been breathing on the outside of the mask). No gloves – he says they don’t use them – if it was just me – he would be gone until he did, but Robert is desperate. Second employee had his mask around neck as he opened box, assembled/disassembled the ac unit on the driveway bent down close to the unit. He did put it on when he came in the house. I was furious. We sprayed Lysol all over the side of the ac inside the house and the stair rail, etc. I had covered the bed with tarps that we use to cover the bed in the RV and was glad I did – sprayed them heavily with Lysol also.

    We find that people in general around here – and remember until the recent out breaks elsewhere our county had the 3rd highest count of total C-10 cases in the state which had the most cases in the U.S. and our county alone had more cases than each of 48 states, so this is not a minor thing here – do not wear masks or wear them below their nose or hanging around their neck.

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