Pardon my order of protection

Thanks to Boise Ed for sending this one! “Pardon My Planet often has head-scratchers, but this one really befuddles me. If she has gotten a restraining order to keep him 500 feet away from her, why is she about to marry him?”


  1. It may not be the bride who took out the restraining order, but someone in her family. In-laws trouble, a trope as old as marriage.

  2. I like dvandom’s solution better than my own second idea (that the restraining order may have been imposed by the church because of previous activity by the groom), and much better than my first thought, that the bride may have had the groom restrained, but is marrying him anyway for his money. Of course, the wedding will be subject to an instant annullment (by either party), unless they can figure out how to consummate it at a distance of 500 feet.

  3. @Maggie, it sounds like you may not be in general familiar with Pardon My Planet. It very very often at least verges on not quite making full sense. Almost like one of Vic Lee’s trademarks. And every so often someone notices a particularly odd instance and it gets posted as a CIDU. (And we try to follow in the Bill Bickel tradition of making the post titles start with “Pardon my…”.)

  4. If this situation seems implausible to you, you should spend more time reading the advice columns. Or the police blotters.

  5. Ah, I understand. No, I haven’t ever even heard of Pardon My Planet. I mostly read my cartoons on Gocomics, and they don’t feature it.
    Thanks for the clarification.

  6. Several CIDU readers have remarked on strips they don’t follow and rarely see in their own reading, but will catch now and then if an episode appears here. Similarly, there are strips I see only at Comics Curmudgeon but feel like I “quasi follow” them by virtue of that.

  7. @Mitch4: Bill would never have posted this because it isn’t a CIDU. And he would have explained to whomever submitted it why it wasn’t a CIDU. So many of the CIDUs in the recent past have dealt with character motivations rather than jokes that don’t make sense.

  8. Can we encourage you to send in specific cartoon suggestions that would more closely qualify as real CIDU?
    And indeed, such are welcome from all!

  9. PMP, when I read it, had many instances of young hot woman being involved with an old, rich geezer. This one would have made a lot more sense if the guy in the video screen (I assume) was the old character.

  10. Domestic abuse is nothing to make fun of. The “artist” owes the world an apology.

  11. I think it qualifies as a CIDU. People have leapt at the answer that it’s someone else with the RO, but there is no evidence of that and it could be something else. I think the cartoonist did mean the bride to have it.

    It is possible to have an RO for reasons besides domestic violence, but I’ll say that such are in the minority.

  12. I agree that it’s a “real” CIDU. After going back and forth a few times, I think that it is the bride who issued the RO. It’s just the absurdity of marrying someone you have a RO against. Not a knee slapper but pretty typical PMP. Of course the blonde guy with green stripes makes an appearance.

  13. Of course the blonde guy with green stripes makes an appearance.

    And I gather that’s his wife or girlfriend, I’m not sure of their exact relationship, to his left.

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