1. What “choices”? I don’t see anything that indicates a “choice” here.

    P.S. Those “vitamins” will sure keep her “regular”, even if those candies aren’t sugar-free. I just hope there won’t ever be a realistic follow-up to this comic.

  2. And IDU your puzzlement over “choices”! The comic presents two different ways of identifying or determining what those gummies actually are. And in talking of different ways of doing something, we could equally talk of the options for that, or the choices for that, or the variety of responses for that…

  3. … and of course the post title is raising the idea that, besides candies and vitamins, the reader may think of yet-another modern use of gummies. But is that really intended in Six Chicks? Or something we may bring to it but not inherently there?

  4. Comics Kingdom comments don’t help, other than sounding like a poor parody of comments. At least they aren’t particularly nasty, for once (or maybe moderation takes care of that, I dunno).

  5. @ Mitch – I think I would have understood your question better if it had read “options” (which could be external), rather than “choices” (which are not yet present). They are candy. This kid has decided to call them “vitamins” to justify eating an unhealthy amount of the horrid little things.† That’s all there is (and all there needs to be) to make this comic work.

    However, if you want to solicit other uses for them, my suggestion would be to leave a bowl of them on a sunny windowsill for about a week. They would make excellent slingshot ammunition (and they would be biodegradable, too!)

    P.S. † – My kids snarf them down all the time, but I have never liked standard “Gummibären“. There is a “fruit juice” variety in Germany that is more edible, but still not especially entertaining.

    P.P.S. One particularily noxious form of “gummy” candy are “Jujubes“. Given their shape, they could probably be used in a pellet gun.

  6. I wonder if maybe it jokes about how older folks have to take a whole bunch of vitamins? Or else I agree with Kilby about them being candy, and Person #2 lying so they don’t have to share?

  7. I can’t believe I’m the only one getting it this way! The immediate other association is cannabis gummies! (Edibles.)

    No, we don’t have to see it as intended by the cartoonists. But there’s nothing much to rule it out as an option (or “choice”) of how we may plausibly read it. And I’m sure that must be what the editors’ title question is meant to suggest.

  8. I would say it’s the reverse, those actually are vitamins in the form of gummis, and the problem is she’s taking too many of them, because of coming in the form factor of candy. Vitamin A toxicity is a thing. Everything in moderation; dosage is all — drinking too much water can kill you, small amounts of cyanide can actually be beneficial.

  9. Yes, consuming too much would be a real problem in either case — too much vitamins, or too much cannabis. Or for that matter, even if it’s all plain candy.

  10. For some reason I was reminded of the old Flintstones Vitamins for kids. Apparently they are still in production after all these years.

  11. I hear a lot of people thinking they know what they don’t know.

    I don’t know but I think the girl is including supplements when she says “vitamins” (e.g. minerals, CoQ10 et al)j. Also, supplements have changed in recent years and gummies galore is a major one.

    It is partially for safety that there are so many colors and variety of gummy-supplements now, as people realize they need to watch their portions and supplement interactions. One would have to be someone who goes to the drug store to see how many supplements come as gummies.

    (and as a result, there’s less room for the gel-caps on the shelves, such as my tiny D3 pills, which now can also be found in relatively huge gummy form …wow!, why? :-/ And that is what I think is happening in the comic).

  12. Sorry, I don’t even almost understand this. I’m flummoxed. Candy? Vitamins? Something else? What’s supposed to be funny or entertaining here? Was that soft puff of air I felt the author’s point wafting gently past my head?

  13. It went so far above my head that I didn’t even feel it. I think maybe there’s supposed to be a joke about kids (these are kids, yes?) being given so many pills that it looks like they’re eating candy. But that’s not funny, it’s more of a political cartoon–and those aren’t supposed to be so obscure that dozens of smart people are speculating on what the point might be!!!

  14. I don’t actually try too hard to track the different artists doing Six Chix, but as a general impression, this Bianca Xunise may be the one most inclined towards an approach of “just enjoy the character portraits and conveying of a scene” above expecting carefully–shaped humor.

  15. Despite my own post, I laughed when I just read it again while letting myself think she was actually talking about simple gummies. I felt it as a fun thing to say to a friend

  16. At first glance I thought this was from the same Six Chick, and showed the same approach Deety was remarking on. But no, it’s by Maritsa Patrinos. Maybe they do share some stylistic elements.

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