1. Speaking of re-using or re-purposing prior artwork, while I can understand Judith Kliban’s need to justify her artistic existence, I do not think that the humor in her late husband’s charming artwork has been improved by draping it across a background of computer-generated boxes.

    P.S. As has been noted elsewhere (repeatedly), the fish does not seem to have a high opinion of the “have a nice day” smiley that the cat has just applied, even if it does seem to indicate that this is not a precursor to a fish dinner.

  2. The rubber stamp within the picture may be some sort of nod to the use of literal rubber stamps to make art with repeated offset images; and the arrival of a similar “stamp” virtual tool in photoshop or other graphical software. And then the bit of offset-repetition in the cartoon — the cat, the rubber stamp, and the fish, all repeated at one echo remove (but not the ink pad for some reason?) — are a callback of sorts to that.

  3. It would be nice to have the talent you would like to have, but you have to make do with the talent you’ve got. Frank Sinatra, Jr. was a fine singer, but he was no Frank Sinatra.

  4. Not only is the background jarring, but the boxes are actually disrupting the artwork itself!

    How disappointing.

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