1. In the minute it took before the answer hit me (like a ton of bricks), I was wasting my time searching for Miss Addams among the bar patrons.

    P.S. Is there a reason that Brevity is giving free product placement to “Chex”? Given the joke, it would have seemed more logical to make it a dinner scene, with a steak on the table.

  2. Many home recipes for Chex Mix include Worcestershire sauce, though I don’t think the commercial packages do.

  3. So somebody please explain the Bactrian camel. Does it peak Tue early, slump on Wed, revive on Thu and crash on Fri?

  4. Ooetn: A clue – Wednesday is the middle of the week, and it’s sometimes referred to as something else camel/Notra Dame related.

  5. @ Ooten Aboot The “solution” To which I linked above was meant for the “Wednesday” comic, and not for Brevity.

  6. Ooten clearly understood what the comic was referring to, he was specifically questioning how bactrian camels (ie: camels with two humps) fit into the picture?

  7. @ larK – In that case I would say that the second one is a spare. The bar might not have a cover charge, but the sign on the door probably says “One Hump Minimum“.

    P.S. No, Opus, it does not mean “that“.

  8. So, is there a Woostah near Hobbiton? 🙂

    (I might point out that despite growing up in the Boston area, it took a while to realize that Worcestershire sauce could be pronounced like the name of the city of Worcester (as we say, “Wooster/Woostah”). Adding the “-shire” to it confused me.)

    Just as well. I never used the stuff anyway.

  9. This reminds me, in the 20th Century, there used to be trucking company in the US by the name of Campbell 66 Express, whose trailers were emblazoned with a cartoon camel on each side with the slogan “Humpin’ To Please”.
    I had a small toy tractor-trailer so decorated, much to my friends’ amusement. I haven’t been able to find the origin of the slogan.

    Apparently each of the company’s van trailers was hand-painted by one person, and reportedly he painted thousands of them! Each camel had a slightly different personality. Random example:

    And why a camel?

  10. @ Grawlix – The humor in the “produce” comic (and the “refuse”) sign depend on alternate meanings of the words, each associated with a different intonation. PROduce: fruits and vegetables in a grocery store; proDUCE(!): command to create something or do work. Similarly: REFuse: garbage, litter; but reFUSE: resist, decline, avoid.

  11. Just as well. I never used the stuff anyway.

    Yeah, it’s awfully thin to use as sauce, if you compare to BBQ sauce, or A-1 Sauce, or HP Sauce, etc. I have only used it for adding to liquids, E.g. Bloody Mary.

  12. Grawlix, try shifting the stress syllable and reading it as an imperative verb. That’s the oppressive environment demanding results from them.

    (And apply a similar reading to the posted door sign from Facebook)

  13. Campbell 66 was a Missouri outfit, so we’d see their trucks every time we took a road trip when I was a kid.

  14. Those humpin to please trucks were hilarious after I received the knowledge of the alternate meaning of humping. Before that, it just meant schlepping some thing, usually heavy as hell, from here to there. Since it’s a double entendre, shouldn’t they have used a double humped camel?

  15. I got the “REFUSE” one easily enough unprompted. It didn’t occur to me at the time to use the same logic regarding the other one.

  16. Do you hear the people sing, singing the songs again
    It is the music of a people who won’t be placed in black plastic sacks again…

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