Saturday Morning OYs – October 22nd, 2022

Andréa sends in this synchronicity / Ewww. Kids and bidets. Never thought of them as such a big source of comic material. Marvin even spends a whole week on bidet gags, making you wonder a bit about what’s going on in Tom Armstrong’s life. thru

And thanks to  Las Vegas Chasm, we can pair that condiment joke with a seasoning joke:

Or if not seasoning, then powdered mix for reconstitution …


  1. At one time there was a test-your-own-security tool for the networking setup of Linux servers. You would run it on an IP address and it would give back a lot of results about what it could find by probing various numeric ports. As a final pass/fail summary at the end, it would display a jolly old elf image with label SANTA or a mean demonic image with label SATAN.

  2. You’ve probably heard the one about some unknown person stealing all the toilet seats at the police station and the detectives there have nothing to go on, so I won’t tell it.

  3. On the bidet front, the Japanese have solved the problem you don’t need to install a separate fixture, you can easily retrofit any existing toilet by replacing the seat with a bidet seat, it’s also a very easy install. On the other hand, you will still need toilet paper, even if you get the one with the air-drier.

    Once you have one, you’ll wonder how anyone ever got along without one…

  4. The story of the Night Stocker was apparently not purely a one-off.
    However, this one connects “cape” and “Night Stocker” without explanation. If you hadn’t seen the previous one, where the misunderstanding as “Night Stalker” was made explicit, would you get this one?

  5. I don’t get this one at all, and it has nothing to do with stocker/stalker… Apparently the blonde is his sister, she’s a manager, and she can’t manage a relative? But then what??

  6. @larK, have a look at the first one in this post, the one at the top. My comment that “The story of the Night Stocker was apparently not purely a one-off” was saying that the one at the top of the post was not a one-off — since here’s this related one.

  7. Thanks, Brian!

    So we have all three in front of us on almost the same page, here’s an embed of Brian’s link:

    The brother and sister (who seem to be named Berle and Penny) are central characters, and when exhibit 1 gives an aside that they are brother and sister, that is not supposed to be news. So, yes, the joke in exhibit 2 is about the new character that appears in the last panel, who Berle starts to address as April Bloom. This is indeed somewhat of an inside joke for regular readers, as April Bloom has been a recurring secondary character for a while, but there is nothing to explain that in exhibits 1 and 2 for a first-time reader. In exhibit 3 (Brian’s link and this comment) Penny in the final panel, at their “home” branch, is there with the original or actual April Bloom.

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