1. Pete has it. He went to see a man doing a (bad) French impression (impersonation) rather than looking at French impressionistic painting.

  2. I took it a little differently: The small character asked for the Frenchman’s impression of his artist friend, and the Frenchman said “I find him annoying.” Which I thought was sufficiently funny, and would work even if I didn’t know what the Frenchman said.

  3. “Bean” (haricot)” in this case, is “head” (tête) as in the old song parody “.. so I knocked her on the bean with a rotten tangerine;”

  4. @DNH, good idea. Though Pete’s comment #1 doesn’t quite get there in his written comment, the clip he has embedded is spot-on for using the “what is your impression of this person” meaning before jokingly turning it to the entertainment sense.

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