Sunday Funnies – LOLs, July 24th, 2022

Dan Piraro also (as he does) used this in the headers of his weekly blog post, with a nice short commentary on familiar cartoon tropes and several examples of his use of the desert island.

(Yes, you may have seen this here about a week ago, in the comments to “Why do you ask?”)


This reads as though she’s hinting he let the dog lick the bowls clean. Only, I don’t recall them having a dog?


  1. I think he’s called Bear? I know I’ve been following her two strips since it was mentioned/recommended back in Bill Bickel’s time, and I’ve often seen the dog (and shared those with my dog comics list members).

  2. Ah yes, thanks for the reminder: The comic has a dog, called Bear or Baby Bear. I just didn’t connect him to this couple. Tbh, I get the several main women characters mixed up.

    When you say “her two strips” do you mean both versions of “Reply All” (strip and single panel)? Or does she also do a really different one?

  3. Thanks, Urban Variable, that nails down a point of uncertainty from my previous comment. The woman with the male partner and the woman with the Baby Bear dog are the same character.

    Do you agree with my guess that the dog is seldom or never fresh-drawn, but seems plonked down with his face always aimed straight out at us?

    On the two versions, technically they seem to have some title differentiation, with one called just RA and the other RA Lite. I guess the single panel one is called Lite for that reason, but it’s hard for me to remember that since the single panel drawing is larger and in some way heavier – so how can it be the Lite one?

  4. The difference, I believe, is that Reply All is the actual strip (usually in a standard three panel format), and Reply All Lite are single panels that started life as a treat to her Facebook followers, and were popular enough to get posted outside it.

    Certainly the art is not the selling point of the strip, though it does have a certain charm if you approach it in the right spirit. The writing is the strong suit.

    I feel we’ve seen the dog in profile, but I’d have to search to be sure.

  5. Thanks, Urban Variable. I do like the strip, btw, if that was not clear.

    My take on the dog is that indeed we see him in profile, but with his head turned to be full-face to the page.

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