1. Is this just that the woman is treating recovery like a competition? One in which her competitor doesn’t know he’s competing?

    Why is it funny?

  2. @ Powers – It’s really more “tragic” than “funny”, but the humorous contradiction is supposed to be between “recovery” as an opportunity for holistic healing and growth, and this woman’s misinterpretation of it being just another contest that she intends to win, no matter how many people she has to offend to do it. (See the expressions on most of the faces in the first panel.)

  3. Bob’s Burgers had an episode where Bob learns to meditate, and achieves some level of inner peace from all his aggravations (S11E19). His nemesis (and owner of the competing restaurant across the street) is upset that Bob is now happy, so he claims to have learned meditation better than Bob, and has achieved greater inner peace. The episode ends with a contest to determine who is more Zen.

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