1. A commenter on GoComics had it, I think – the machine is from Kate Bush’s music video for the song “Cloudbusting”.

    She’s recently enjoyed some success with her song “Running Up That Hill”, thanks to it being featured in Stranger Things.

    If she spent less time running up hills, she’s have more time for busting clouds.

  2. Even with UV’s (undoubtably correct) explanation @1, the comic still isn’t that funny.

  3. I suppose the man thinks he is making a “Wuthering” putdown from his position on the geographical and moral “Heights”. Ho ho.

  4. Reich’s “orgone” theory sounds just about as crazy as Lucas’s “midichlorians”.

  5. Absolutely a Kate Bush reference. But agreed, not a thigh-slapper. The New Yorker?

  6. It’s from “Mannequin on the Moon” which appears on GoComics. People often say it has a New Yorker vibe, and one of the co-creators does have New Yorker listed in her credits at Wikipedia.

  7. Yeah, I don’t think this comic would have existed if Stranger Things hadn’t included “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” in its soundtrack. Kate Bush’s songs have been used in soundtracks over the years, but this occasion seems the most popular.

  8. I haven’t seen “Stranger Things” but I was familiar with the Kate Bush song and got that part of the reference, but not the rest.

  9. Yeah if that passes as humor, you could pick just about any musical act and do the same thing. Tom Petty – “We’d be done free falling if you weren’t so bad!”.

  10. @zbicyclist, she references songs often, last week she referenced “I Ran” by Flock of Seagulls. That one I got, I didn’t get today’s. I am not familiar with “Riding Dirty”. I am familiar with “White and Nerdy” though.

  11. Like Kilby said, Even with UV’s (undoubtably correct) explanation @1, the comic still isn’t that funny (too bad the list mechanism doesn’t number the comments for easy reference).

    And yeah, until I read otherwise, I thought this was a New Yorker effort.

  12. That doesn’t look like Wilhelm Reich. Who is it supposed to be?*

    Donald Sutherland.

    I had never heard of Kate Bush’s Cloudburst, but a little Google and some Wikipedia brings up her video. Which should eliminate any doubt that the machine in the cartoon is the one from her video.

  13. And today, 7/7, in This is Priceless . . .

    I guess I should go find out what all the fuss is about, as I don’t recognize ANY of the songs mentioned thus far.

  14. How odd that Donald Sutherland is in a music video . . . is he that hard up for $$$? Even if it WAS written by Terry Gilliam, still . . .

  15. I didn’t care for/about the video, but seeing Donald Sutherland was wonderful; my fave role of his was in Kelly’s Heroes . . .

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