Sunday Funnies – LOLs, June 12th, 2022

Sender Dana K and I were in minor disagreement over whether the word-play element here is pun-like enough to count as an OY. “Neg/Q Scope Ambiguity” is certainly there potentially in the 3rd panel; but it’s not clearly intentional, and even less the point of the gag.

Here’s a nice LOL-Eww from Boise Ed:

This Moderately Confused sent in by Rob is in what we might dub the “foibles funnies” genre:

Out of season

Two funny bits that seem like they might belong more to winter publication. The Kliban of course is a reprint from ages ago, so that makes sense. And the Liz Climo is funny any time. Also noticed by Andréa and used in a comment!


  1. Hey, Kliban, stop assigning me jobs!

    (Yes, normal egocentrism does make me think any reference to “Carl” is me, at least initially.)

  2. “Brown smurfs” is pretty off-putting, probably even a little worse than “skid marks”.

  3. Thanks for that article, Mark! I’m assuming that the Journal of Polymorphous Perversity is not quite real, unlike say Journal of Irreproducible Results or Annals of Improbable Research. ( But if they were real they could perhaps employ a copy-editor who could fix the places where the authors wrote lead for led. )

  4. Robert is NOT a comics person. From time to time I show him a comic I think he might like (or is an CIDU to me that I am pretty sure he will be explain as his brain works much more main stream than how oddly mine does). I showed him the Liz Climo when I read it and he actually LIKED it.

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