1. now that Powers explained it, this needs to be re-categorized as an “oy” as well as a CIDU

  2. I hesitate over some of this explanation — though corns may be counted as a form of blister (which I did not know), they don’t simply “pop” the way you can pop a blister, or a pimple. They are hard, and take application of unpleasant liquids in pads to soften and make them fall off; or else find a professional to cut around it.

    But it doesn’t help much to follow my chain of association and note that ordinary popped corn, with the puffy white edible part and the dubious remains of the husk, could be cheerfully compared to a blister on a callus.

  3. I agree with Susan about this definitely being a major “Ewww”.

    P.S. As Goodgulf Greyteeth described Fordor (in “Bored of the Rings): “His Dark Carbuncle of Doom has swollen and soon will come to a head, covering the face of Lower Middle Earth with his ill humors. If we are to survive, the boil must be soundly lanced before Sorhed begins his own loathsome squeeze play.

  4. No, a corn is not a form of blister. It is a form of callus. The blister is on the callus.

  5. The duck with bad luck has the lotion with the potion. The blister on the callus has the brew that is true.

  6. @ MiB – Thanks! I learned the “chalice from the palace” routine from my mom, but I never knew the source of it until just now.

  7. Goose droppings are rather like those of a small dog, only greener, so yeah. When I was at one of the Megacorp locations, there was a resident population of geese. They were attracted originally by the pond that part of the cooling system. They’d leave presents on the sidewalks. When it was nesting season, the males became very aggressive.

  8. In the suburban parts of the area where I live, corporate campuses are sometimes called “goose farms.”

  9. They also tend to infest golf courses. The droppings are better camouflaged and greasier than dog poo. Stepping on the stuff in sneakers can be dangerous, which is a good reason that even caddies should wear golf shoes.

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