1. When I first read Frog Applause (the “Dog” one), I was more than a bit confused. I get the reference, it is a version of Matthew 19:21 with “dog” put it repeatedly. What confuses me, I suppose, is what the point is (and I do not see this as an LOL, for that matter). Oh! A thought did just occur to me…is this supposed to be a command to a dog? So Jesus’ direction to the Rich Young Man is on par with our commanding a pet dog?

  2. I’m with @Targuman. I know the quote, but why is it funny to chop it up and insert a word in the holes? (The annoying pseudo-intellectual in me is saying, “And doesn’t the cartoonist know Jesus was speaking Aramaic? And, like all Jews, would revile dogs, an unclean animal in Jewish law and a despised one in ancient Jewish custom?”)

  3. Do roaming charges still exist? I had my US Cellular phone in AZ for weeks and FL for YEARS, and never saw any extra charges.

    I love the childproofing one – I guess I did a good job ’cause none snuck into my life. Dogs, OTOH . . . well, I never dogproofed my life . . . .

  4. Perhaps it might be relevant to consider what an agnostic dyslexic insomniac does.

    P.S. “He lies awake all night, wondering if there really is a dog.

  5. P.P.S. At some point during the past week, I know that I saw a comic featuring two cowboys and a white whale sitting at a campfire, but for the life of me I cannot find it now, or even remember the name of the feature.

    P.P.P.S. They used to call it “forgetfulness“, but these days they call it “Alzheimer’s“, so now I have yet another name that I have to remember (source: Harry Rowohlt, in “Pooh’s Corner”).

  6. I don’t get the dog one either. And what’s with the filled-in O’s? are they supposed to be dog poos, or something?

  7. Thanks for posting that one, jajizi. I know at some point I was eyeing it too, so maybe you or somebody did send it in, and I apologize for losing track of it.

  8. Do the buffaloes have a range in the kitchen, and do the beer and the cantaloupe play on it?

  9. @ Pete – The filled-in “O”s demonstrate the stupidity of using an “artistic” imitation “handwritten” font as a substitute for real lettering.

  10. P.S. Ditto on the thanks to Jajizi for finding that “Moby Dick” panel. Now the mystery is how I ended up seeing it, because “Loose Parts” is not on my normal reading list.

  11. P.P.S. I really like MiB’s suggestion: move the scene to the kitchen, with the three of them standing around a gas stove, and change the accessories from “flowers & salt & pepper” to a half a melon and a Budweiser (but leave the dialog as is), and it would be a wonderful, multi-level comic.

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