Saturday Morning Oys – May 14th, 2022 

An Oy from Andréa:

Oy by virtue of wordplay, broadly speaking

At Arnold Zwicky’s Blog he analyzes this and discusses previous comics uses of the same pun.

A trio-oy from Andréa:

But I have told my cats they are not truly brother and sisters. Even though I need to say “Now be nicer to your little sister!”


  1. Personally, I think item #3 on the “TGIF” list is highly offensive, but even if the author doesn’t have a clue, one would think that his editor would know the rules for (not) using apostrophes. 😉

    P.S. One-day-late synchronicity with the last one from Moderately Confused:

    P.P.S. And to answer the squirrel’s question: “Actually, it means you’re just a tool.

  2. Kilby: And I’ve done that many, many times! Also been reading a physical book, turned the light out as I went from one room to another, and been surprised I couldn’t keep reading as I walked.

  3. Imma start using the “That Guy” version of TGIF immediately. And refuse to explain myself. 😉

  4. I haven’t experienced the tapping of an image in a book, but my wife uses a touch screen for work. I have seen her trying to tap on the monitor of our home keyboard-input laptop many times.

  5. In the Wayno blog (linked by Andrea) there is the extensive discussion of the goldfish/silverfish panel, much more than his usual line or two per cartoon. Included in that is a sketch of a preliminary version that took the joke from a different viewpoint:

  6. Mark M, That’s not as bad as it sounds. I didn’t have a touch screen for yonks but I was always trying to do touch on student’s computers. No excuse.

    And I thought the Spring Break one was a LOLOL

  7. I went from a dumbPhone to a not-quite-so-dumbPhone, which takes pics. I was used to using Hubby’s iPhone, which has a touch screen, and have tried innumerable times to ‘touch screen’ my phone. With zero results.

    I was coincidentally watching this series a few days ago . . .

  8. I think I like Stan’s take on TGIF, but after reading Kilby’s comments I wondered why the plural of “German” wasn’t “Germen”. I guess I’m easily amused posting late at night…

  9. The baby video reminded me of a cartoon strip I saw online a few years ago, and it would be great if anyone here recognises it, as I’d love to find it.

    It was set in a newspaper office. (I think one of the main/regular characters was the cartoonist). There were a few linked strips where a group of local high school kids came for work experience. Two jokes stand out in my memory

    A fed-up old hack/editor grabbed a student’s tablet, and smashed it by using it to swat a fly – an example of newspaper superiority.

    A student in full accusations-of-outrage mode demanding to know if it was true that they just printed out their website and expected people to pay for that.

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