This Eyebeam from Chak is a perplexing CIDU. And no relief coming from the GoComics comments.

Some “classical” composers in the later parts of the 20th Century (or we could say “new music”), did have some fun with putting scribbles and illustrations onto their scores, for performers to interpret under guidelines. I don’t know if Electronic Dance Music performers work from anything like a conventional score, but this might instead be a “transcription” score, with the artist capturing the song in notation as best they can. The cloudburst notes and shaky-lines eighths are nice touches, even if we’re not sure what they mean.

HOWEVER, none of that explains why the guru is surrounded by that music, or if the hiker/seeker is exposed to that type of music so much that he has to go climbing in the hope of getting away from it.


  1. Modern mountaintop gurus don’t chant, they listen to EDM. (It might help to know that one type of EDM is called “Trance”.)

  2. I think BillR has it. And the cloudbursts and shaky lines are reflecting the, um, “strong” bassline of EDM.

    dvandom: I like that too, though I bet the cartoonist didn’t think of it!

  3. My first thought was that it was the “music of the spheres”, but couldn’t get anywhere with it.

  4. Thanks for the suggestion, Michael Cook. I’m not at my real computer now, but perhaps somebody else can go grab a link to the image and insert it into the thread.

  5. I just read it as, “Even if you climb to the top of a Himalayan peak, you can’t escape that stupid ever-present dance music!”

  6. @Kilby and @Michael Cook, that’s what I thought too, but didn’t want to be impolite about mentioning other routes for contributing. In a way, “topic drift” has traditionally been able to handle the introduction of a different comic than the post was originally covering. However, that has usually been more of a tangent and less of a non sequitur.

    Perhaps we could clarify a route for readers to post for discussion their CIDUs, other than by mailing in suggestions and waiting; and not forcing a sharp turn in an existing thread about some other comic. I wonder if our RANDOM COMMENTS thread is the right place for that? Or perhaps institute a third continuing thread?

  7. As I just implied in the Random Comments thread, I think we should keep e-mail as the primary (and by far preferred) submission method, but I think it would be OK to permit submissions in the form of comments in Random Comments. I really don’t think you should open a new “permanent” post for this purpose, Random Comments is the perfect location, and it has plenty of room for it.

  8. It’s been known since at least the 1960s that the hills are live with the sound of music.

  9. “The hills are alive….” — which is goddamn frightening — RUN!

    I was in college in Moorhead MN in 1964 (I think) when the only local movie house in town had been running THE SOUND OF MUSIC for some fifty weeks straight, and folks at the two local colleges organized a protest march on the theater, which actually made the NEW YORK TIMES. My sign read “I’d climb every mountain — to roll rocks down on Julie Andrews!”

    Still haven’t seen the damn movie. Old grudges die hard.

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