1. See the frog’s mouth. That’s a fly wing, not a tongue. The Frog ate Larry.

    Didn’t we have this one already?

  2. I pulled it from the Drafts so this post wasn’t re-used. But likely I decided to run the comic itself in some collection, and didn’t put a note to that effect inside the separate post draft. Sorry about that! I think this is what somebody’s mail was trying to tell me with the note “link didn’t work”.

    Let’s have a supplementary supplement then, a couple more May Day / Mayfly panels from Andréa.

    ETA: This was responding just to Pete’s first comment. His second was stuck in Pending, and confirms how this previously appeared — thanks for tracking that down!

  3. The slug is rather startled by having the fly unexpectedly dragged across his chest. Or at least his eyes look like he is startled, if those are eyes. Do slugs have eyes on those antenna things?

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