Ram home the pun

Chak says “I know this is supposed to be a pun, but I’m hoping some of our Aussie readers will tell me what it is. ” I agree it has to be a pun — in fact the artist’s home blog gives the title “Ram home the pun” — and I’m no more able to say just what it is.


  1. Ah, okay. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a wall calendar being referred to as a wall planner. Does anybody still use wall calendars?

  2. “Does anybody still use wall calendars?”

    Um, I do. It’s so much more practical than a floor calendar or a ceiling calendar.

  3. My husband has used a raspberry pi and a touch screen monitor turned vertically, paired with our server in the basement, to make an electronic wall calendar that syncs with our phones. It also shows our vacation pictures at the top.

  4. I never really did. I occasionally would hang a calendar, which would not get things written on it and generally be months behind in flipping so I stopped the practice.

  5. I use a wall calendar, Lotus Organizer computer calendar which is synced in the XP virtual machine on my computers with my Palm and LO also opens on the regular screen of my computer and also google calendar which is synced with my current cell phone (she spits as she says this as she hates it that much) and my prior cell phone (the latter by wifi) and sometimes even updates my Blackberry to the LO. (Because I like the Centro and the Lotus Organizer.)

    We have also have wall calendar that is a generic month and is erasable on the refrigerator which is where Robert keeps track of what TV shows we actually want to see. .

    Then again – these days we have almost no appointments anyway and most of what is in the calendar is the household chores i need to do and don’t want to do.

  6. I use a Month-At-A-Glance planner. I can open it at any time and it never makes me wait half an hour while it installs updates.

  7. I used Week at a Glance planners from the time I started working in the mid 1970s until Robert had Cataract problems in the early 2000s. My big (generally only) Christmas each year was my Month at a glance – I would pick it out and give it to Robert to wrap. When he was waiting for his eyes to be far enough along for surgery he could not see his Palm Pilot and insisted that I take the Palm to try to see how/if I liked it.

    That Palm combined with Lotus Organizer moved me over to computer calendar. Moving along to Palm Centro phone – my favorite of all of my cell phones. I still have it and use it as PDA around the house and when we go on trips so much smaller than my newer cell phones and I love LO. Robert has had to make virtual Win XP machines in my computers since switching to Win 7 from XP so I can keep using LO.

    Biggest advantages to computer calendar over week at glance is that there is much more wrong to make notes and it is much easier to search for something in the past that one needs as a reference.

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