1. The man is trying to blame his sinfulness on Satan’s temptations, but Satan is just another pot-bellied schlub feeding his dog (kinda mixing mythologies to put a Cerbereus puppy with Satan). The final panel is a “Work with me here! You’re making me look bad!” gag.

  2. I have three dogs (down from seven); a three-headed dog would be easier to clean up after, I s’pose, altho, eating three times as much as a single dog, maybe not so much . . . .

  3. For what it’s worth, I worked at a place that used Kerberos.I don’t recall any issues, but I was not on the security team. At some point we switched to SecureID, the one with dongles you had to carry around with a random-looking number token you’d have to enter, along with a password. The details are hazy. It was a long while ago.

  4. And I feel bad for the middle head. He/she has the same view all the time – straight ahead.

  5. ” With all the tech and tech-adjacent people we have here, has anyone worked in an environment where Kerberos was the security/authentication system?”

    Virtually everyone has. Kerberos was integrated into Windows starting with Windows 2000. If you signed into a Windows domain since then, you used Kerberos to do it.

  6. And this time the double slash (after “.com”) didn’t cause any problems in my browser. I have no idea why the previous link didn’t work.

  7. As a caution, Comics Kingdom links don’t stay valid for long except for premium members.

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