1. Though flip phones left ubiquity years ago, it seems to me that only recently have they really come to definitively signify that something was made/takes place in a pretty narrow window of time during the 2000s and very early 2010s.

  2. I hated having to give up my flip phone, but I have to admit the smart phone I was gifted is better.

  3. I’m considerably less than half as fast at texting on my 4″ iPhone (since 2013) than on my last flip phone. More time-consuming than doing the multiple touches per letter, is repairing the often backspace-instead-of-‘m’ error that is way back in the message because I have to keep an eye on the keyboard (and still hit backspace : ~ / ).

    (On the other hand, speech recognition has gotten way better than I thought possible (for American English anyway), and I worked as a software engineer at 2 companies in that field for 5 years, ending in 2001)

  4. I’ve been carrying a flip phone recently (not my own — it belongs to my wife, who is in health care facility at present), but I prefer to use my land line. As for texting, I’ve heard of it, but Shruggy don’t play dat.

  5. My family went away from email as a group/individual communication method to text. I have a Google Voice account now for that. I will likely get a phone at some point, but I’ll probably keep using GV.

  6. I had one of the first smartphones – Palm Centro. It was (and is) heaven. It followed my flip phone and my “candy bar” phone. It was/is such a wonderful thing. We had to switch cell phones companies and even though by then the Centro was old technology Robert managed to find one for me that would work with the new company. That one, though did not last long. Anything plugged into the earphone outlet did not work – did not bother me as I did not use same – but it bothered Robert and he “futzed with it” so the second Centro no longer worked at all – it is the only smart cell phone I have had which has been discarded.

    While Androids and I-phones already existed by then I liked that my Centro synced with Lotus Organizer and love(d) LO on my computer. So instead I got a Blackberry that mostly synced with LO. That phone was not good – within a year it lost the ability to make/accept phone calls – yet, I was willing to continue with it and make calls online, until a week later it died completely. (I make/receive very few calls by cell phone or texts. It ceased making phone calls in the middle of a call to our doctor while at the pharmacy as there was a problem with the prescriptions he had sent to same for us – the one time I actually needed it.)

    So I ended up with a lower level Samsung Android. It did not work with LO of course and that is why I still use the Centro, even though I have to a virtual machine set up on my computers as the setup will work on Win 7 and later – worked great on Win XP though. I have used it for many years and while not that happy with it, it worked well and served its purpose.

    Unfortunately, while it is 4G, it is not LTE so when the 3G phones had to be upgraded – so did Sam. But he did join Centro and Blackberry on my dresser and traveling around the house and will be traveling with us when do so again as they do.

    New phone is a lower level Moto Android. We do NOT get along. Robert had told me that everything would look and work the same – just about nothing does. It is also so large that I cannot put anything else in the same pocket of my jeans as it nor can I zip up my big winter jaceket when it is in my jeans pocket as it feels as if it break in half from the tension.

    Better than 99% of the use of my phone is between Robert and me around the house (as in “OK” – me telling him dinner is ready which is followed by “ok” him saying he will come down) – or in the normal times when we are out and have separated in a store (where?- him “will meet you by the door near pharmacy” – in Walmart – me).

    The other phones travel around the house with me and keep each other company and are used for various purposes which use parts of them which I like and deal with doing things around the house – or playing games in them.

  7. CaroZ, I also had doubts about that one. But it had to belong to the series, both by the timing and from the content – the buildings in back are the same, and the other guy is the player from the “shirts and skins” episode. Still doesn’t say what the joke is. Maybe just his excessive behavior.

  8. It’s not mouthwash. He drank from the other guy’s water bottle, in such a sloppy manner the owner doesn’t want it back.

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