1. Though it’s traditional to describe the knight’s move as shaped like the letter L, it would be good to avoid letting it sound like the piece moves through the squares. All that matters is whether the destination is occupied.

  2. Thanks deety. I was confused by the comic and then figured this was the knight train, a play on words for a night train.

  3. Since we didn’t have a holiday-themed LOL in this list, here’s one that comes pretty close:

  4. I had to ponder the “L Train” for a while. I figured the name of the train was significant, but it still took a bit.

  5. I don’t think it’s what the artist intended, but I love Mark M‘s interpretation, the knight train. So would Jimmy Forrest.

  6. I was looking and Robert came by – he figured out the L shaped move – so for once he understood a comic when I did not.

    He does not read comics or understand why I like them.

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