1. She obsesses over the past and how to address it, he insists on an unreflective journey into the future, and then both are confronted by the present, as they loop back upon themselves. Yellow Cat and Green Cat each see negative aspects in their other selves (or the other Girls, to be specific)…ideologues seeking a cause, opportunists seeking only new thrills.

  2. PS3 says ” This is a CIDBTU.”

    Well, I think I can begin to understand it, but still that doesn’t go all the way.

    Ouroboros is a symbol with a snake represented swallowing its own tail. It has functioned as a symbol of some kind of circularity, of process or thought.

  3. Cat and Girl is often very strange. I haven’t read it in some time. Girl’s hair points have really become long. I wonder what Grrrl looks like now.

    I used to have this phrase as my Usenet .sig:

  4. In case some of this is new to you, Boise Ed is playing off the phrase “The Worm Ouroboros” – where “worm” would have meant snake, or in another context dragon. (Or in a wholly nother context, a Sandworm of Dune, father of Spice.)

  5. I must say, actually I’m having trouble with “General” here – is it like the military rank (which would fit with “answer to” suggesting “report to, take orders from”)? Or more like “in general”?

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