1. Is ‘Frosted’ a term for ‘murdered’, or is that just some made-up crap that the squirrel is saying? Before posing this question, I did some research and came up with the following definitions from the Urban Dictionary:

    1.To be decked out in shiny and sparkling jewellery.
    2.To have parts of one’s hair lightened, typically the tips. Similar to highlights.
    3.To be high on stimulants.
    4.To be angry.
    5.To have a white glaze over, such as frosted glass or frosted donuts.

    Not a homicide among them…or in this case, “bonhommicide”. Ba-dum-dum, TISH!

  2. “bonhomme” to mean “snowman” appears to be a distinctly French-Canadian usage. Not well known in English-speaking areas outside Canada.

  3. I’ve heard the phrase “Frost him” as in “put him on ice” but can’t find any confirmation of that either. Was it a movie convention that never made it into real language? Maybe. Janice Weber wrote some OK spy novels about Frost the Fiddler, part of a ring where everyone’s code name was one of the 7 sisters colleges. (The lead was Smith, a violinist)

  4. And then there are the Inspector Jack Frost novels, ‘A Touch of Frost’, made into a series of tv shows (British, of course). I highly recommend both the books and the series.

    DI Jack Frost Series
    The Jack Frost series is a series of crime thriller and thriller novels, which are written by one of the prominent English authors named R.D. Wingfield.
    Jack Frost Books In Order
    https://www.bookseriesinorder.com › jack-frost
    Author: R. D. Wingfield

  5. “Not well known in English-speaking areas outside Canada.”

    Apologies to anyone who was confused by my little joke.

  6. In the Disney film “Zootopia“, the “godfather” shrew character is shown to get rid of his enemies by having them “iced” (dropped through a trap door into freezing water). There’s also a German verb “kaltstellen” (literally: “set into the cold”), which applies both to icecube trays and people you want to dump (although normally not fatally). Finally, there’s this classic Bizarro (5-Nov-2000):

  7. I noticed that and wondered the same thing about “frosted”. As our URL name suggests, someone needs to frost that squirrel. 🙂

  8. So I figured that Jasper is one of the snowmen, but now I’m not so sure. The caption only uses one name.

  9. Mark M, I figured Jasper would be the dog, who seems to be the one with the discovered remains (the stick, that is).

  10. I’m surprised no one pointed out that isn’t snowman blood. It is snowman tissue. Snowmen don’t have a circulatory system. Or any system, really. Just some tissue, made of water, coal, sticks and a carrot.

  11. Mitch4, but this is happening “during the hike”. Dogs don’t go on hikes. They just go wherever they want. And one of the snowmen has a backpack, which indicates hiking. Or maybe I’m thinking too much.

  12. @ Mark M – What, thinking? About comics?

    Heaven forbid, hardly anyone around here does that.

    P.S. Well, at least not more than once a day.

    P.S. From 0:00 to 23:59, of course.

  13. Lots of people take their dog with them on hikes. The dog knows enough to balance “curious foraging” along with “stay with the pack”.

  14. Here’s another “frosted”. (Of course “frosted flake” is something itself already, but this is trying to also use “flake” as a personality description.)

  15. The Bizarro one has some great artwork depicting the snowcouple. I love the attitude of the snowhusband, with his menacing body pose and expression.

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