Saturday Morning Oys – March 12th, 2022 

Well, there’s a good OY on the left, and a good LOL on the right, and I’m feeling too lazy to get out the cropper, so let’s print it twice, once today, and once yesterday or tomorrow.

“Told him where to go …”

Middle school favorite: “You’ve got a point there …. But you could hide it under a hat!”


  1. Yes, I have to admit I was for a while a perpetrator of “You’ve got quite a point there …” comebacks. Especially if they outright hand you the setup by asking “do you see my point?”.

  2. Is the boy’s name given as Thomas Tomason to match a formerly popular navigation system called Tom Tom?

  3. There used to be (pre-internet) Thomas Street Guides, map books for the larger metropolitan areas. And I mean books, something like the Dallas and Fort Worth areas were probably an inch thick, but very detailed. I doubt that is the Dr. Who reference, though, since It was a single Thomas, and the British probably wouldn’t have known about them, anyhoo.

  4. By the time they have learned to use the symbol “π” and variables such as “X” in equations, most students have already learned to use a dot (instead of “x”) as the symbol for multiplication.

    P.S. I never heard the line about points and hats in high school, but in college, it was common knowledge that “…if you comb your hair right, it won’t show.

  5. P.P.S. I assume that Mr. Lockhorn is referring to a well-known phrase or quote, but I cannot place it. Anyone care to explain the reference?

  6. Kilby, now that you mention it, the hair-combing version was probably the most popular variant in my schools too.

  7. I doubt there’s anything more of an expression let alone quotation beyond just “that’s not my jam” — a variant of “not my ‘thing'”. But saying it that way uses the word “jam” which has a noun meaning fitting with jellies and preserves.

  8. Usually when you tell someone “where to go” it’s to a place called Hell.

    Yes, Thomas Thomas is a reference to Tom Tom.

  9. @Kilby – when I had hair which I could comb laterally, (and not look like Gregor Fisher’s Baldy Man) I used to comb it left.

  10. It amazes us how many items that someone else would have gotten rid of over the years and we had kept which have resolved problems or have otherwise been well used during the last 2 years.

    NYS had a law that went into affect March 1, 2020 just as the pandemic hit, that stores would no longer be allowed to hand out plastic shopping bags. Stores could hand out paper bags. If the county/city where the store is located passed a law that there was a fee for the paper bags which were handed it it could be up to 5cents. If same did not pass a law for a fee than stores were allowed to charge for the paper bags. The law went into affect. Most supermarkets were charging 10 cents a bag (and since it was considered a sale – sales tax had to be paid on the sale. This made the cost per bag 12 cents (a bit more in quantity due to rounding off of sales tax). Or one could bring their own bags.

    Over the decades I have kept paper bags and plastic bags shopping bags from the stores. Robert would tell me to get rid of them – “stores always have bags”. Several of the organizing/decluttering books have said to get to rid of them “have you ever gone to a store and they did have any bags”. Well, we are now using bags from my collection for shopping. Doubled paper bags for regular food shopping trips (which have been done every 2 months at the start of the pandemic to once every couple of weeks today) and plastic bags for fill in trips for food and other shopping. Of course I am no longer throwing the wastepaper baskets store shopping bag liners weekly – now just dump the bags out into main bag for that floor of the house to keep from wasting them.

    Cooking tools which were for dishes I no longer cooked – cooked those dishes again – especially at holidays.

    Decades ago we bought a small freezer (the size of a dorm refrigerator) as we used to grow vegetables in the back yard and would freeze to keep for the year. It came in handy back in 2019 when our refrigerator died and we kept from having to toss out items in it by putting them in the basement freezer. We have used it extensively the past two years so we could buy more items that needed to stay frozen when we went on our overbuying food trips during the earlier part of the pandemic. Another item that logic would have said to get rid of we were no longer using it for excess home grown vegetables and were eating out 7 lunches plus 3 dinners a week.

  11. Meryl says: Decades ago we bought a small freezer (the size of a dorm refrigerator)

    You didn’t quite call it, as old jokers do, “a dorm-sized refrigerator”. Those things were huge 🙂

  12. Please tell me it’s not called a dorm refrigerator as it’s big enough to stash the body of your roomie….

  13. Mike – depends on the size of one’s roommate.

    We do have a refrigerator the size of those dorm refrigerators in our RV – yes the RV is that small – don’t think of the RVs in all those movies – think of a Chevy Van as it is a class B and is a commercially converted Chevy Express van. The refrigerator is located under the sink – which functions as same for both kitchen and bathroom (though they do give a plastic sink inset to make the bathroom sink out of the stainless mini kitchen sink.

    And while traveling I have read CIDU while sitting in the driver’s seat turned around to face into the inside of the RV to serve as an living room chair.

  14. “The refrigerator is located under the sink – which functions as same for both kitchen and bathroom”

    I shudder to think about the dual function trash can.

  15. Mike – It does not come with a trash can. We have a pop up trash can – about the size of a bathroom trash container – that more than holds a night’s trash in the RV and does not take up much room.

    It is really amazing what they fit into such a small space. There are two wooden benches with long cushions on the seat and small cushions for one’s back along the wall in the back section of the RV which can have a table put between them on a pole. Without the pole – pull out 2 pieces of wood from under the cushions, set them between the benches, pull the cushions to the center and then lie the back cushions down between the bigger cushions and the wall – and it is a short length Queen sized bed. Table top stores under cushions on one bench when not being used and the pole in the “closet” – which is smaller than a kitchen cabinet and (per their manual) holds 12 shirts! (We put in a set of fabric hanging sweater shelves and each have 2 have of these shelves for our clothing) We have traveled as long as 2 weeks in it – second week’s clothes in a laundry bag in a compartment under one of the bench seats in the back.

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