1. I don’t know Hodor since I seen only 1 episode of GoT. Timmy is a disabled character from South Park and that’s the only word he says (I think). Groot is from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy who say only “I am Groot” tho he manages to get the people around him to understand.

  2. The joke seems to be that each of these characters only says his own name, so presumably would be severely handicapped at Wordle. Of course, it is not just at Wordle that Hodor and Timmy are handicapped, since both are intellectually challenged. Grout, however, seems to have normal intelligence and is surprisingly effective at communicating.

    Strictly speaking, it seems that only Hodor says only his own name. Groot always says “I am Groot.” Timmy has several other catchphrases he also uses.

  3. It is later explained (in Thor Ragnarok) that Groot’s language may only use the three words, but it contains full linguistic nuance. Thor studied it “as an elective”. (In the movies, anyway. In the comics, the original Groot could speak English just fine, as could most 1950s Marvel Monsters.)

  4. In the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, Rocket explains that Groot’s output is limited to the words “I”,”am”, and “Groot”, and in that order. At the end, however, he says “We are Grpot” before launching his spores. Thusly, the second movie opens with “baby Groot” acting like, well, a child. By the end of the movie, Groot is a sulky teenager. The other actors get scripts that show what he’s actually saying, which is why they’re able to react appropriately.
    Mr. Gunn, in his role as scriptwriter, is willing to fully embrace the wackiness of the source material, which is why his Suicide Squad movie has TDK and Starro in it. Starro, of course, was originally a nemesis of the Justice League (specifically, Starro is why the Justice League formed, not because Batman’s mom and Superman’s (adopted) mom have the same first name.)

    In terms of monumental mistakes made by movie studios, you have Disney giving Star Wars to JJ Abrams as the worst-case scenario, and WB handing the DCCU to Zack Snyder as second worst, and Universal putting Tom Cruise in the opening movie of the “Dark Universe” as another cautionary tale of poor decision-making.

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