Sunday Funnies – LOLs, January 16th, 2022

Moon hits a double today:

Sent by Ken Berkun. Neither of us tried to look up the Carolyn Hax column this may have been used to illustrate.
Does anyone want to treat it as CIDU? If you think it might be more than the officiant turning the traditional “… or forever hold your peace” into a very modern and casual alternative expression. BTW, didn’t we previously have a discussion on whether that “speak now or …” clause is still announced these days?


  1. I think the wedding one is the officiant starting to say the normal form of words and then espying that (off screen) that someone surprising – his own wife, perhaps – or maybe several random people dotted about have stood up to make an objection. Maybe the best man or the members of a netball team or something.

  2. Punctuation would definately have helped: Speak now or forever hold your– oh hell no! vs. Speak now or forever hold your “Oh hell no”

  3. The score is 7-nil at Sartre’s dive and burger grill? Or ctually, now that I’m looking at it, it reminds me more of th price of gas and the door sort of looks like a gas pump…
    No, no, it looks like a Bible verse! Book of Sartre, chapter seven, verse zero…

  4. Thanks larK, there is indeed a parsing ambiguity in the Nick G one, which your punctuation suggestion would resolve.

  5. narmitaj’s interpretation is amusing, but the lack of the suggested punctuation makes me skeptical that it is what Nick intended.

    I looked up the Carolyn Hax column,
    [possible paywall] A mother is concerned that her daughter’s boyfriend, while kind to the daughter, is nasty to the mother. Does this mean that, if the relationship lasts, he will become abusive to the daughter? Ms Hax thinks that outcome would be inevitable. She suggests the mother make sure the daughter notices the behavior by explicitly standing up for herself.

  6. Glad no one stood up with anything like “hell no” at our wedding.

    There was betting among our friends at the reception as to how many days it would last. At the time we had known each other for a year before we dated for 4 years, followed by a 2 year engagement and the bets were day of the week after the wedding we would break up. (Been married 42 years now).

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