1. One thing that I regret never having been able to get for my kids here in Germany is a standard “Flexible Flyer” model sled. Traditional German sleds are solid wood, absolutely inflexible, far too tall (10″) in comparison to their width (14″), and can only be steered by putting a foot down into the snow. Getting onto one of those things on a steep slope is just as insane as either of those toboggans above.

  2. @Dan: Hmm? Was this comment meant for another day’s thread? I don’t see where this as a tangent might have been anchored.

  3. @ deety – Dan’s comment @1 was not visible before nor after I posted my comment. Presumably it was rescued out of moderatorial purgatory, or perhaps even “spam” or “trash”. Since it does not seem to match any of the recent posts containing a “Loose Parts” panel, it may be an older comment that got detached from the intended thread, or it may be a simple misnomer.

  4. Dan’s comment is visible. But it should be under a new category called “Comments I Don’t Understand.”

  5. Toboggans were the worst for crashes, breaking your ankle/legs or being uncontrollable.
    Rule 1 Hold on to the rope and keep your feet firmly in the lap of the person in front of you.
    Rule 2 Don’t try to stop or slow down a 4 person toboggan by dropping your leg down as a brake. It is too heavy and your leg will bend at the knee in ways it is not supposed to bend.

    Flexible flyers were the best after they plowed your road and all that was left was a slick icy hill. The F.F. sucked in deep snow. A giant truck tire inner tube was the best.

  6. Mitzi, welcome to CIDU commenting! .. If this is indeed your first time; which is what WordPress thought when it put your comment into Pending (i.e. moderation). That also was the case with Dan’s comment.

    It’s not quite a formal “category” but indeed people in a comments thread do often enough remark on another’s posting that “it is a Comment I Don’t Understand” (or “Remark” or “Question” so it can get its own acronym of RIDU or QIDU).

    But more directly relevant to suggestions for Dan, we do have a Random Comments post and long thread from it (in fact renewed fresh a few times) which can be found linked in the menu on the left sidebar of the standard web view. It is meant for remarks not really tied to the topics in any day’s postings.

    Here’s today’s Loose Parts, which does have the elements Dan was talking about:

    There wasn’t anything in today’s CIDU post to connect to this, so perhaps Dan was thinking in terms of the standard practice of commenters over at The Comics Curmudgeon, where the host reprints and remarks on a few of that day’s cartoons, and commenters feel free to add their own remarks both for those comics Josh has printed and also any comic of that day, which they identify at the head of the comment — just as Dan did for “Loose Parts”. (That Loose Parts is not one of the cartoons Josh featured today.)

  7. There were new postings to the old thread “Hummingbirds” which might be where that was intended.

  8. Dan, nobody was angry with you, or thought in terms of “defiling” anything! The puzzlement was just that you were commenting on a comic we couldn’t see right in front of us. But it was just puzzlement, and I was able to provide the image.

  9. @ Brian in StL – Those “hummingbird” comments aren’t relevant at all, that was merely the only thread that popped up when I used the CIDU search engine, and then I got derailed by a tangent. I was clever enough to check the CIDU tag for “Loose Parts” (which led nowhere), but completely forgot about the possibility of looking up the current LP-comic at GoComics.

    P.S. @ Dan – We all appreciate an occasional mystery, that’s what CIDU is all about.

  10. Strangely – I don’t remember the Zits which I must have read and is relatively recent – but I do remember the Calvin and Hobbs strip from years ago when our newspaper carried same.

  11. I question the sequentiality of the two strips. They have the same theme, but action doesn’t really follow from day to day. One that did was the “Hobbes lost in the woods” arc. In that there were two Sundays in sync with the dailies. It started here:


    This is also an arc I have pointed out to people in comments who believe Hobbes is really alive and moves about on his own.

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