Sunday Funnies – LOLs, November 7th, 2021

And another Bliss. This maybe should have counted as a CIDU, if there’s much doubt what his special message would be …

Yet Another Ewww-LOL from Kliban:

Nice twist, maybe LOL-worthy? It takes the over-familiar observational-humor point “fitted sheets are hard to handle” but adds a factor which is gonna interfere with anything at all he tries to do.

I guess the premise is mostly “analogy”.


  1. I see the point of Century of Social Networking as a bit of the geezer’s “nothing new under the sun”. By the way, I’m typing this on my electronic “typewriter”, and “posted” my “paper” to be “delivered” over the information “highway” where it can be seen on the “bulletin board”, a kind of newfangled “town crier”. Now, must go the “store”, I appear to be running out of inverted commas today. Strange.

  2. There was a somewhat related XKCD from about 10 years ago, that I saw recently maybe as an anniversary Tweet, showing a Map of the Internet. There were continents or island clusters devoted each to various kinds of sites or services, and within them areas carved out as nations, regions, or cities, with some scale of prominence giving size on the map. It was interesting to see some obvious changes that have occurred, such as the relative importance of My Space and Facebook.

  3. The title Mitch mentions, “Map of the Internet”, turns out to be a squared-off map of the real world with the distribution of IPv4 addresses creatively shown. Mitch’s description better matches two other XKCD’s called “Online Communities” and “Online Communities 2”.

  4. Of course, as far as the first Bliss one goes, you don’t know that they didn’t just randomly dress some poor schlub up in the Hannibal Lector gear, in which case his comment would be eminently reasonable…

  5. Is that Narcissus about to confess (to himself) that he fell in love with someone else?

    If so: „Nice. Nice. Not thrilling! But nice.“

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