1. I think yes, he’s a Jack in the Box. And the partner’s remark about the lid should in this case be referring to the lid of the box he pops out of, rather than the usual domestic complaint. (And “just crank out” was a pretty good allusion-clue.)

  2. However, while there is an obvious (aesthetic, hygienic) basis for “the usual domestic complaint” about leaving the lid up, we don’t know enough about the Jack-in-the-box form-of-life to really get why his storage or sleeping box should have its lid closed the rest of the time.

  3. I had the same sentiment as Danny Boy. Plus, and others can chime in if I’m wrong, but I always thought that the usual complaint is leaving the seat up, not the lid. The complaint centers around falling into the toilet because of the assumption that the seat is down. If that’s the case, then I would think it is more desirable to have the lid down.

  4. Yes, I agree the usual debate is about leaving the seat up or down. (And ignoring the lid, which provides a third configuration and in fact a good solution!) But the character here couldn’t be saying “seat” because we know about lids but not seats as a salient feature of Jack boxes.

  5. You only have to drop your toothbrush into the toilet once to learn to put the lid down every time.

  6. Agree with Mark in Boston – We have very small bathrooms in this house. (Can only turn on the tub/shower while in it – cannot otherwise reach the pull knob.) So if something falls off the left side of the sink (in either bathroom) it will fall into the toilet if the lid is up – we do not have a countertop in either bathroom so this happens fairly often. After the second time I had to fish Robert’s hair brush out and sanitize it for him, I made the rule – lid will always be kept closed when not in use.

    I am on an organizing list and one of the suggestions often posted by the list owner is that toilets should always be flushed after use. I cannot imagine anyone other than a child not doing so. I know that we do not want to flush the downstairs bathroom if used immediately before we are going out as it does not always stop flushing and it is next to impossible to remember NOT to flush it.

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