Random: New Yorker non-contest non-captioned cartoons bit

Frequent CIDU contributor Ooten Aboot (aka “Canadian Raising Is Real”) sent for our enjoyment news of The New Yorker working to out-do themselves with a variant on their widely-beloved Caption Contest. It’s a series of drawings, mostly by their cartoon artists, and mostly lacking captions, presented online as a “Daily Shouts” humor feature.

The intro write-up, by Dahlia Gallin Ramirez, goes like this:

Once a year, a team of demons at The New Yorker provides “cartoons” in need of captions. You, the readers—so full of hope, so charmingly mortal—upset yourselves trying to think of jokes. There are no submissions, no finalists, and no votes, but there are winners: the evil beings who created these uncaptionable images. Good luck!

We can’t print here any pictures that are their current content, but here’s that link again!


  1. Since you haven’t closed comments here, I’ll assume we can safely run our own pretend contest right here! Even if The NYer isn’t.

    After scrolling through the pictures a couple times, I’m somewhat surprised I’m tending to like the plain puzzling ones (like would be in their real weekly supply-the-caption contests) better than the meta- or self-conscious ones where the artists seem to be fighting back at the people who set up the rules. (Like the one with the extended speech balloons.)

    Except that the winner, in my eyes, is the final one, the cat with a pencil in its mouth. Even before anyone has supplied a caption! At first glance I thought that was a thermometer. But I like the way it manages to be not blatantly meta but a little, as the pencil is poised to write on the contest dotted line.

    Oh, so far I have failed to actually enter a caption. Okay — for the one with the banana —

    “Time flies like an arrow! But fruit flies like a banana.”

  2. I think I remember some grumbling regarding that particular quip the last time around. I don’t happen to find it particularly funny.

    As far as the captions thingy goes, I’m not really feeling it this time. The comics are so random, I’m struggling to come up with any clever responses. Just about any random text may apply. It then becomes a Dadaist exercise. (The caption supplied above for the island one is brilliant, though).

  3. One second after posting a thought struck me: For any or all of the comics, the caption could read “Title text goes here.”

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