Advice needed from dog people

Is she just communing with her little dog over a faux pas involving serving the wrong cute item to human guests? Or does she ordinarily give Baby Bear (this dog) lemonade to drink (and this time it was pink, which disturbed him)? Or gives him ice cubes to cool off (I do that for cats in very hot weather) but normally plain water ice and this time pink lemonade ice cubes?

Is lemonade even safe for pets? And do they like it at all?


  1. For cats, anyway, citrus is generally safe, but most cats hate it enough that you can put citrus oil strips around places that you want them to stay away from, like corners of sofas you don’t want them to scratch. Except for the cats who LOVE the stuff and just go crazy for it. I figure that maybe it’s like Italian and Eastern European aperitifs, which are bitter to the point of undrinkable for most people, but some people love them.

    As for the comic… I have no clue.

  2. Thanks for the tip on citrus and cats. My friend with a cat that likes to chew on wires has tried something with “sour apple” flavor, but it doesn’t really fend off the cat. But when you say oils, I worry a little based on dire warnings that I’ve seen circulating about “If you use Essential Oils, don’t expose your cats to them, some kinds can be fatal!”

    I do like a Campari-and-soda, maybe with an orange slice propped on the rim. But with Strega I’ve never gotten past a single sip.

  3. Yeah, as far as “essential oils” go, I feel like, if I buy it in a perfume store or new age shop or whatever, I don’t really know for sure what I’m getting; if I buy orange or lemon extract in the spice aisle of the grocery store, I feel like there’s a pretty good shot that it’s just orange or lemon extract, because we actually regulate food. There are things that I can eat that are more or less toxic to cats and/or dogs, but, on the whole, most things I can eat are pretty safe for my cats. Except maybe whiskey. But only one of our cats likes booze, and she only likes sweet liqueurs (which is weird, because I thought cats don’t have sweet receptors on their taste buds, but whatever, it’s a cat), and only out of my wife’s glass after she’s done with it, just licking at the edges of the glass that had plum wine or Chambord or whatever.

    Smallcat looks really betrayed when Lis drinks limoncello or Grand Marnier, because of the citrus thing.

  4. I only understand what’s happening in this strip about 5% of the time. The number of times I’ve been tempted to send one in as a CIDU is practically incalculable. This one is par for the course.

  5. Stan, I see your point, but suggest in return that most of the time it is dealing with “wry observation” as the main humor mode. With a heavy dose of neuroticism or self-deprecation. (Which can be perfectly charming at times – that wasn’t meant as hate speech!)

  6. I’m inclined to think it’s your 3rd hypothesis – she gives the dog ice cubes and this time thought pink ones would be cute. But as pink lemonade can be a bit sour, doggy didn’t care for it.

    My question is what is up with all the white coloring on and around the dog? At first glance I thought she was giving him/her a bath, which really confused me.

  7. Either he didn’t care for it, or she just gave him pink lemonade and he loved it so much he got it all over himself.

    And I agree not to put anything on your dog or cat that you don’t want him licking off. I know a woman who was all into ‘wellness’ and when her cat had a sore, she put tea tree oil on it. Day after day. Couldn’t understand why he was getting worse. Fortunately for her, I didn’t hear the story until long after the cat was dead.

  8. Well, googling “pink ice cubes” or “dogs pink ice cubes” or “dog ice cubes” doesn’t help but….

    there is discussion as to whether ice cubes are good for dogs (like birds eating rice at a wedding there is, of course, a belief that ice cubes can kill dogs, there will always be a belief that X will kill Y, and of course it isn’t true and apparently ice cubes are very good way to keep a dog hydrated and many people talk about this.

    some people think colored ice cubes are charming and there are many tip how to make colored ice cubes with food color (I can not see the appeal and as ice cubes always melt in my drinks I’d dislike my drinks getting discolored… but then again there are also (I didn’t get this in this googling) those thermal non-liquid ice cubes that do not melt and maybe they come in colors)

    So my speculation: The cartoonists is familiar with colored ice cubes and thinks they’d be understood well enough by the audience to be a recognizable joke of she tried to make them with pink lemonade with presumably wouldn’t work as they’d flavor the drink and not be water. She thought this would be relatable enough to her readers to be a joke.

    My experience with Reply All is this is very typical reasoning for the cartoonist.

    BTW I have made ice cubes out of apple juice, lemonade, coffee, etc many times. The thing is, of course, you use them in drinks compatible with those flavors. Milk chilled with frozen cubes of coffee was a huge favorite of mine when I was twelve.

  9. I thought maybe she had washed the dog in it, and it turned the dog pink, but I’m not really sure, either.

  10. Some people have broken a tooth chewing ice cubes and I suppose that can happen to a dog too. Other than that, ice cubes are OK. I live with a dog who LOVES ice cubes and especially icicles that form outdoors in the winter.

  11. The dog, Baby Bear, always looks like that. Sometimes I think it’s a stamp, but I’ve never taken the time to compare 2 panels.

  12. When dogs drink they tend to make a mess around their water bowl, or the toilet which is preferred sometimes because it’s cold. Put in some lemonaide ice cubes with color and they get it all over them. That’s all, just low key humor.

  13. “Put in some lemonaide ice cubes with color and they get it all over them. ”

    Why would they get it on themselves and not the floor? And what does the color have to do with it?

    And why do so many people think that dog has spilled lemonade on itself? I see nothing in the drawing to indicate that.

  14. “Why would they get it on themselves and not the floor? And what does the color have to do with it?”

    “And why do so many people think that dog has spilled lemonade on itself? I see nothing in the drawing to indicate that.”

    They would not get it on the floor because they are outside next to the fence and shrubs.

    The dog is pink and the dog owner is saying ‘I thought we liked pink ice cubes so that’s why I used the pink lemonade.’

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