1. People seem to like being offended, infuriated and generally being driven up the wall then complaining about it on social media. So the game fulfills their needs and gets five stars.

  2. As an occasional commentor on SonofStuckFunky, there are things out there that are fun to dislike. Sometimes that dislike can be so intense it makes you think.

  3. And if the issue is that you get infuriatingly close to winning without ever finishing, it draws you in to play it again and again, ever more obsessively.

  4. The last thing a gamer wants a game to be is easy to beat. Those are the games that get the real insults and half a star.

  5. That’s what a lot of gamers want from their games: to be mind-bogglingly difficult and infuriating. Because they like the challenge.

    I’m not one of them, he says, playing a game in a different window right now on Easy Mode with Cheat Engine running.

  6. You have to be a hard-core gamer to truly appreciate this one. I got it, but I don’t stick with infuriating games. I get enough brain-twisting, soul-crushing logic puzzles at work!

  7. And here I thought maybe it was a crack about the eejits who can’t seem to understand reviews, recording 1-stars that say “This is hte greatest ever! I loved it!” or the inverse.

  8. It reminds me of “Flappy Bird” – it was very difficult and frustrating, but also a big hit.

  9. I’ve seen the kind of error PS3 discusses!
    Perhaps it is easier to commit when the rating is entered numerically (“it’s number 1!”), and harder to mistake when entered by clicking that many star graphics.

  10. I like games/puzzles to be “difficult.” I wouldn’t use that synonymously with “infuriating.”

  11. [OT – mostly]
    Here’s a mostly-off-topic question for gamers. (I am not one.) What do you think of Mythic Quest? Not the game, but the streaming-TV comedy series about the gaming company that creates and manages it.
    As a non-gamer I enjoy the story and characters, but have no idea how wildly their characterizations of players / creators / cons / Twitch stars / is exaggerated.

  12. Not an answer, but this reminds me of some of the odd claims in game advertising, like “highly addictive!” If anything else were advertised that way, would you get it?

  13. I think this is a reference to games like Dark_Souls and Cuphead and Super_Meat_Boy. These are games that are all known to be very difficult and developing the skills to proceed is supposed to be part of the satisfaction. While fans are frustrated by it, they take perverse pride in it. I understand that n00bs who complain about how difficult Dark_Souls is are told to they should “git gud” (get good). They have, in the eyes of fans, not earned the right to talk s**t about the game. This comic seems to be featuring that type of fan reviewing that type of game.

    Personally, I’m at the point where I have limited time and I’m happy to play on easy mode and just get through a game to see the story. Or not play it at all. I got stuff to do! But many games require a crazy amount of playtime, probably because those games are expensive and they want people to feel they got their money’s worth.

  14. Somewhere in between is a sweet-spot. I like puzzles to be soluble/defeatable, but not easy. There’s one that I do regularly where I expect to win, but I have an ongoing challenge (with myself) to do it in the fastest time possible.

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